Aborted + Cryptopsy + Ingested + Unfathomable Ruination @ Audio, Glasgow

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Aborted + Cryptopsy + Ingested + Unfathomable Ruination

@ Audio, Glasgow

Friday, 30th November 2018

Review By: Pete Mutant

Photography By: Ya Cheng

A sell-out show was on the cards in Glasgow as the Belgian death metal titans in Aborted were hot on the trail of Europe promoting their latest recorded effort, ‘Terrorvision’. It’s a beast of an album like many others from their exceptional discography. Not only were Aborted back in town, but they were bringing another titan of the world of death metal in Cryptopsy. Cryptopsy were in Glasgow back in 2015, headlining with support from Psycroptic. That was a belter of a gig but it wasn’t the band’s last gig in Scotland. No, for some reason, they chose to play in Edinburgh, but they could be forgiven for forsaking Glasgow as they were surely going to make an impact tonight. And there’s still even more to this night’s event.

Not only did we have Aborted and Cryptopsy, but the lineup was further stacked by the brutal slammings of Manchester-based Ingested and the incalculable brutality of Unfathomable Ruination, who would be opening proceedings tonight. It was a ridiculous tour from the beginning and it is no wonder that Glasgow’s Audio would be sold out. There was even a queue to get in, which is not a normal happenstance at this venue, but the cold air outside was not going to do anything to dissuade the fans from getting into the night’s festivities.

The Audio was fairly packed already for the first act of tonight in Unfathomable Ruination [4.0/5], who were a band on my radar but not one that I had seen before. The band opened with the instrumental ‘Anti-Genesis’, then went straight into ‘Pestilential Affinity’, which was kicking us off the right way and only imaginable way with such a lineup in store. There must have been some friendly competition to see if any one band could outdo the others because Unfathomable Ruination were putting in a shift. The music was of the highest levels of heavy and it was all so tight and uniform. The rhythm was of unquantifiable force with some superb blasts from drummer Doug Anderson driving the pace of the music.

They have played in Glasgow on a few occasions and the rapport was already there as banter between them and a few members of the crowd was flowing. It was only the start of the night but Unfathomable Ruination were wanting movement. Not only did vocalist Ben Wright dish out the motivational banter but he also delivered some ferocious gutturals which complimented the music well. The band had bounds of filth in their music and ‘Carved Inherent Delusion’ was a standout of their set. Next up we had a new track in ‘Enraged and Unbound’, one yet to be released and one that was another fine example of the band’s knack for churning out some brutal death metal. This track reminded me of some late 90s brutal death at its finest, and the crowd was lapping it up whilst bodies were still coming through the door of the venue. They finished up with ‘Nihilistic Theorem’ from 2016’s ‘Finitude’, and the riffs were flying from the dual guitarists Daniel Herrera and Ross Piazza. It was a savage end to a top set to get the juices flowing and pave the way for the rest of the evening. Next up, things were going to get ultra slammy as Ingested were back in town and ready to drop some heavy duty..well..erm..slams.


Pestilential Affinity
Abdication of Servitude
Carved Inherent Delusion
Enraged and Unbound
Nihilistic Theorem

Ingested [4.0/5] had a well plied and willing audience waiting for them to get started. They went straight into the newer stuff as the opening track ‘Sovereign’ from ‘The Level Above Human’ ripped open and the circus of slam was open for business. Of course there were breakdowns, beatdowns and a torrent of slams. The bass would drop and the rhythm would follow suit as the music chopped and churned the audience. Vocalist Jay Evans asked for a bit more of the vocals in the mix before going into the second track and another new one in ‘Invidious’. The crowd opened up and a mini circle pit ensued. Although still fairly early on, we also got our first crowdsurfer of the night and, as per usual at the Audio, it wouldn’t be the last.

The slamming Mancs kept the fires burning and were abusing their position of authority over the audience. The crowd were lavishing in the momentum and it was a bad idea to be carrying a pint…anywhere; they should have been providing flasks from the bar. By this pint the venue was packed and there was not too much space going about. ‘Better Off Dead’ brought some darker elements to the music but it was another slammmy/blasty affair with copious amounts of brutality swinging from the rafters. A wall of death seemingly sprang out of nowhere, or maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention, as the set was winding up. The classically named song ‘Skinned and Fucked’ brought us up to the last song of their set, the wonderfully effervescently named ‘Anal Evisceration’. It was a different slide down the death metal scale and we were going to go into further realms with the next band.


Purveyors Of Truth
The Divine Right Of Kings
Narcissistic Apathy
Last Rites
Better Off Dead
Skinned And Fucked
Anal Evisceration

Cryptopsy [4.5/5] were a juicy enough prospect themselves to get fans through the door and the band were not going to give us an easy nor smooth transition as they opened up with one of their more recent tracks, ‘Detritus (The One They Kept)’ from the first instalment of ‘The Book Of Suffering’. Frontman Matt McGachy, whilst not being the most imposing of figures, was able to treble his size with a mad windmill of hair as far as the eye could see. The crowd weren’t in full motion at this point as some were whipping out their phones to take snapshots of this band’s return to Glasgow, a behaviour not apparent with the earlier bands. By the second track, ‘Slit Your Guts’ from the impeccable album ‘None So Vile’, the pit was ready to resume normal procedure as friendly violence went up a few notches, spurned on by the technical wizardry of the band. The drumming was rapid as the blasts clacked and the bass lines from Olivier Pinard fluctuated in ever-intensifying modes. Pinched harmonics and twisting shreds compounded an all-round mighty song.

Matt McGachy was looking to spurn on the crowd more and more and welcomed us to the “Cryptopsy Experience”. As he screamed ‘CIRCLE PIIIIT”, a massive pit consumed the centre of the crowd. It was a bit less uniform than a circle, but it was more about the casual violence than order, and a small circle pit did occur. This night was just getting better and better and we were getting a blinder of a set to send us into ever more frantic movement. The atmospheric opening to ‘Phobophile’ changed the tone for about two minutes before the rapid heaviness was back in abundance and the frontman asked for all to get involved in the action; I happily obliged and it was pit time pour moi. After a quick slog and a sweat the track was over and McGachy was celebrating his Scottish roots, saying it was always good to come to Glasgow. He also announced that there was only two tracks left, which was a bit of a bummer, but we all knew that this was coming eventually.

Their penultimate track was ‘Sire Of Sin’, a delightfully fresh and brutal one from their latest EP, released a month prior. The crowd kept going at it and there were a couple of crowd surfers making the most out of some of the final moments of Cryptopsy’s set. They ended their set with some more technical mastery with some savage riffs and almighty rhythm; it was our last opportunity to show Cryptopsy what we had, so more pitting was required. It was a beautiful ending to a high quality set, but it was time to ring the dinner bells one last time tonight as the main event had arrived and, just like Pavlov’s dogs, we were all salivating at the thought of more to come.


Detritus (The one They Kept)
Slit Your Guts
Cold Hate, Warm Blood
Graves Of The Father
Fear His Displeasure
Sire Of Sin
Orgiastic Disembowlment

Aborted [4.5/5] were the band that I was looking forward to the most. I had never seen them perform live and was chomping at the bit to get aborted by my fellow rag tag group of renegade pitters. They brought on stage some interesting props, including fluorescent skeletons displayed in glass boxes at either side of the stage. It was hot in the crowd, scorching actually, and there were a fair few sweaty messes ready to start up again once Aborted opened with the title track to their latest work in ‘Terrorvision’, a nice wee beefy number just to keep the order of the evening in check. Again, the crowd were not fully eager to get going until big Sven ‘Svencho’ de Caluwé ordered up a nice slice of madness from the audience and, of course, they obliged. There was a circle pit on the go as the boxed skeletons’ eyes lit up as if coordinating the insane patterns of crashing flesh. The strobes were adding to the effect as the rapid music blasted on.

For the fourth track, we got the title track off of ‘Retrogore’, which dropped hard when they slammed the force of their instruments together. There were crowd surfers and pits galore, but it was time for a track for all the ladies in the crowd as ‘Meticulous Invagination’ turned down all the macho, misogynistic filth and corruption that had been degrading this charming night’s festivities and opened up the band’s softer and more considerate characteristics. The band were beyond proficient and were masters of their craft. All members were very well coordinated in the chaos they were creating.

We got some more new tracks “if you like it or not” as big Svencho said, and ‘Visceral Despondency’ kicked us off again before Svencho prepared us for “a really fast one”: ‘A Whore d’Oeuvre Macabre.

I was finding myself in the pits more and more, as if the gravity of all these mad bastards was effectively sucking me in beyond what the force of will could prevent. Before I knew it, two or three more songs flew by and I was one sweaty, crippled mess of a human being. There was still a bit more fun in store though, and after a quick dousing of ice water to cool the head it was time for the “last track”, though I wasn’t buying it. Never trust a claim for the last track when they all walk off unceremoniously. The actual last track, and one of my most loathed terms, ‘encore’ was here and our last serving of technical and turbulent death metal was handed to us in the form of ‘The Holocaust Incarnate’, and the horns were in the air for this one. What a bloody show!

All good things come to an end unfortunately, but who could complain? This tasty prospect was always going to send and deliver a night of wholesome, family friendly destruction; mutually assured nonetheless. All bands were killer, no filler and devastatingly heavy. The professionalism in their art and craft is beyond criticism and each band deserves the finest of accolades and receptions from baying crowds who queued up in the cold to see them. Another memorable night at a venue that I hold dear to me, as do most who enter through those doors. “Come back,” they shout, and we always do.


Deep Red
Meticulous Invagination
Parasitic Flesh Reception
Divine Impediment
The Origin Of Disease
Visceral Despondency
A Whore d’Oeuvre Macabre
Sanguine Verses (…Of Extirpation)
Threading On Vermillion Deception/The Saw And The Carnage Done


The Holocaust Incarnate