Anvil – Pounding The Pavement

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Anvil – Pounding The Pavement
Label: SPV
Released: 2018
Reviewed: December, 2018
Rating:  3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

The Kings of Kanadian Karnage!- The Frozen North Rides Forth!

This feature is so good, I had to name it twice!   About once a year I indulge my patriotism and review a bunch of Canadian Metal releases.  There has been a whole pile of albums recently released in the past few months and I want to help bring some exposure to these bands. There are bands of all styles and all genres from across the country in this feature. The bands covered in this feature are… (listed alphabetically)

Anvil (Toronto, ON)

Apprentice (Vancouver, BC)

Arctic Circle (Brandon, Manitoba)

Assault (Vancouver, BC)

Black Rat (Calgary, AB)

Cauldron (Toronto, ON)

Codex:Factoria (Vancouver, BC)

Dethgod (Calgary, AB)

Fractal Cypher (Montreal,Quebec)

Haiduk (Calgary, AB)

Iomair (Scarborough, ON)

Ice War (Ottawa, ON)

Leah (Vancouver, BC)

Lee Aaron (Vancouver, BC)

Malacoda (Oakville, ON)

Mongol (Edmonton, AB)

Ominous Eclipse (Ottawa, ON)

Skullfist (Toronto, ON)

Solborn (Edmonton, AB)

Thor (Vancouver, BC)

Trollwar (Alma, PQ)

Untimely Demise (Saskatoon, SK)

W.M.D (Calgary, AB)

Ye Goat-Herd Gods (Calgary, AB)

Please enjoy all the albums in this feature and check out all the talent Canada has to offer!


I’m surprised that no one on staff has reviewed this album yet! Yes, I realize it came out way back in January of 2018, hence my surprise.  I’m throwing this review into this feature as a ‘bonus’ review, as the rest of the reviews are newer releases. I could not let this album go unreviewed!

POUNDING THE PAVEMENT is album #17 for the indestructible titans of Canadian Metal.  As one of the most consistent bands in the nation Anvil maintain two traditions right off the bat; featuring an anvil on the album cover and the tradition of using an alliteration in a three-word title. Things are stable in the Anvil camp with no label change and no line-up change, no logo change, and thankfully no style change!

The album starts off with a classic Anvil song, one where the lyrics are born the everyman’s daily frustration with life.  In this case Lips vents his rage at GPS systems (!) with the pounding opener ‘Bitch In A Box’.  Who hasn’t ever been mad at their GPS when it sends you the wrong way?   If there could be a theme of self-empowerment on a Metal album Anvil has it nailed with cuts like ‘Doing What I Want’, ‘Smash Your Face’, ‘Let It Go’, ‘Warming Up’ and ‘Rock That Shit’.  For me an album highlight is a mid-tempo grinder, the epic ‘Nanook Of The North’ a song about Inuit (or Eskimo’s for us older folks) based on a 1922 documentary film of the same name.   Musically and sonically POUNDING THE PAVEMENT is rock solid and workman like, not any modern production tricks or frills. Oddly enough, the title track is an instrumental showcasing the superb skills of Robb Reiner. He is truly under-rated in Metal.

After almost 40 years in the business, Anvil shows no sign of slowing down. Anvil forge ahead with another 12 classic, canuck, cuts. Long live!

Track Listing:

1. Bitch in the Box
2. Ego
3. Doing What I Want
4. Smash Your Face
5. Pounding the Pavement
6. Rock That Shit
7. Let It Go
8. Nanook of the North
9. Black Smoke
10. World of Tomorrow
11. Warming Up
12. Don’t Tell Me


Lips-Vocals, Guitar