Powerwolf + Amaranthe + Kissin’ Dynamite @ Koko, London

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Powerwolf + Amaranthe + Kissin’ Dynamite

@Koko, London

12th November 2018

Review/Photography: Ryan Whitwell / ShotisonMedia

A busy photo pit, a sold out crowd: tonight at Koko was going to be a good one. Germany gothic power rock band, Powerwolf, were in Camden with support from Swedish metallers Amarante and, first on the bill, Kissin’ Dynamite.

Bringing their brand of stadium rock on what I believe was their first ever UK show, Kissin’ Dynamite were a great act to get the heart-rates up. Wicked guitar licks and clean vocals are what I expected, and that’s exactly what these guys delivered.

The crowd were loving this. I don’t think I’ve seen Koko this packed at 6.30 on a Monday.

Some rather anthemic moments, with tracks like You’re Not Alone getting voices raised and hands up in the capacity crowd and things took a turn for the more dramatic as front man Hannes, rocking a rather fetching cloak and sceptre for ‘I Will Be King’, added a touch of theatrics which matched the enthusiasm and fun the band were having on stage.

Things turned to something with a bit of bounce to it as the bass-heavy styling of Amaranthe blasted our ears.

Three vocalists of varying styles were all on point with the massive beats behind them; tonnes of bass kicking out.

There was a great moment for the band’s only slower number tonight, in which Elize Ryd was given time to shine in front of the crowd holding up their phone in lieu of lighters.

Bassist Johan came out before the encore for some “offensive” humour and a rendition of what I think of as the Icelandic football fan clap before the penultimate number.

The anticipation grew for Powerwolf, as the huge black canvases were taken away to reveal some huge stage decorations, with stairways and multi-levelled platforms in front of a huge backdrop with the current album artwork.

‘Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend’ was early on in the set and got some great vocals from the crowd. It also got a couple of crowd surfers and people on shoulders. There was a great party atmosphere in the now sweltering Koko.

The crowd were clearly loving this one, as chants of “Pow-er-wolf, Pow-er-wolf” were bellowed between every song. The crowd were far more attentive when singer, Attila Dorn, gave some singing instructions before Armata Strigoi (which got plenty of volume from fans on cue). The synergy between band and crowd sounded great.

According to Attila, ‘Blessed and Possessed’ is the only song you need if you’re possessed by heavy metal. The track encourages plenty of clapping along, and the faster beat certainly got the front section moving.

It was another moment with phone lights from the crowd as a piano was brought forth for a slower number. Hands were swaying in time to ‘Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone’, as fake snow began to fall at the front of the stage. By this point I was at the back due to the 3 song photo pit limit, but I’m sure it looked great nearer the front.

‘We Drink Your Blood’ was a clear favourite, although it was hard to tell as it felt like the whole set was the crowd’s favourite!

An absolutely brilliant show. A packed out venue, great sound, great lighting, and three very entertaining bands.

Intro (Lupus Daemonis)

Fire and Forgive
Army of the Night
Incense & Iron
Amen & Attack
Let There Be Night
Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend
Killers With the Cross
Armata Strigoi
Blessed & Possessed
Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone
Resurrection by Erection
All We Need Is Blood
We Drink Your Blood
Lupus Dei

Intermission (Agnes Dei)

Sanctified with Dynamite
Coleus Sanctus
Werewolves of Armenia