Within Temptation + Ego Kill Talent @ O2 Academy Glasgow

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Within Temptation + Ego Kill Talent

@ O2 Academy Glasgow

11th November 2018

Review by: Jacob Ovington

Photography by: Miguel de Melo

Finally, the night is here. It’s time for symphonic metal legends Within Temptation to make an eagerly awaited return to Scotland. Tonight’s venue is Glasgow’s O2 Academy and they’re touring ahead of the release of their upcoming album, ‘Resist’ – set to be released on December 14th.

Opening the night were the elusive support band Ego Kill Talent, who didn’t seem to appear on the bill with no mention on any of the promo material. They’re all the way from Brazil, so it seems a very long way to have come with so little promotion – but nonetheless, they came and they supported. Musically they were rather middle of the road – inoffensive rock and not that original, but they played well and did a good job of getting the crowd warmed up.

With everyone warmed up and ready to go, it was now time for the night’s headliners to shine. They opened with a trio of songs from their as yet unreleased album, which was rather brave as a lot of bands like to start with something classic to get the audience pumping – however, despite the relative unfamiliarity of the songs, Sharon and the band had no problem setting things in motion and they went down a treat.


Out of their contemporaries, I’d say Within Temptation have always been the more pop-sounding symphonic metal band – but throughout their career, their music has continuously evolved further and further in that direction. The difference can be heard here as the set consists of what is essentially a best-of compilation with newer songs such as ‘Shot in the Dark’ earlier in the set and real old-school classics such as ‘Mother Earth’ appearing later on.

Throughout the set, Sharon’s voice was on point and her powerful yet ethereal vocals soared across the music, giving it an epic touch and adding to the infectious bombast. Meanwhile, the rest of the well-seasoned band lived up to everyone’s expectations and gave a pitch-perfect live performance that pleased everyone.


The Glasgow venue did seem a bit small for a band that possesses as big a sound as Within Temptation, but you’ve got to be grateful as so many bands seem to be opting to play bigger venues and less locations – often missing out Scotland altogether. There wasn’t much interaction between the band and the audience, but maybe there just wasn’t enough space for that much more energy in the room on this occasion.

Finishing up with an Encore of ‘What Have You Done’ and ‘Stairway to the Skies’, this Dutch powerhouse of spellbinding pop-metal have shown that after all these years, they’re still on top of their game, at the same time as drumming up enthusiasm for next month’s album release.