Valdur – Goat of Iniquity

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Valdur – Goat of Inquity
Reviewed: November, 2018
Released: 2018, Bloody Mountain Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

You have to admire a band that gives absolutely zero f@#k$ and still delivers an album as intense as GOAT OF INIQUITY.

Based out of the devilishly spooky Eastern Sierra region of California, the mysterious black metal collective known as Valdur has always kind of done their own thing while keeping sticking to the blueprints of New Wave of American Black Metal. For full length #6 though, the band has regressed into a full on, lo-fi Beastial Black Metal juggernaut, and praise the goat, it’s pretty good.

Largely recorded live and without any in-studio gimmicks, GOAT OF INIQUITY rages like a 2nd generation demo tape from the early 90’s. But it’s that rough around the edges quality of the album that makes songs that are already evil and intimidating sound even more evil and intimidating. Listening to the droning coda on “Goat of Iniquity/Devouring the Whore of Darkness” and the overwhelming dissonance of “Spiritual Exhaust (The Beyond)” brought back memories of my younger days when music like this was actually scary. It’s unnerving and discomforting to say the least, but you’ll still find yourself mesmerized with what you hear.

Still – the intentional abrasiveness of the audio quality and the minimalist themes spread across the album’s 6 tracks won’t be for everyone. I personally love this style of black metal and prefer it over the prettier sounding stuff, but by the end of the album I needed to go for a walk to clear my head. Valdur’s execution is almost punishing, which I gather was the intent all along. Well played gentlemen…

As I write this, GOAT OF INQUITY is available through Valdur’s Bandcamp page digitally for a mere $1. That’s the same price as a McDonald’s cheeseburger, and buying a new Valdur record for a buck is totally the healthier option long term (but maybe not for your soul). So support your underground scene, light some black candles, and check out GOAT OF INIQUITY.



Track List:
1. Divine Halls of Obscurity Pt. I
2. Goat of Iniquity/Devouring the Whore of Darkness
3. Divine Halls of Obscurity Pt. II
4. Spiritual Exhaust (The Beyond)
5. Inhale the Floodgates Open
6. (Iniquitous)

Vuke – all guitars
M. – drums, vocal
William – bass
JF – vocals


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