Sodom-Lords Of Depravity Part II (DVD Review)

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Sodom – Lords Of Depravity Part II
Released: 2010
Label: SPV
Reviewed:  November 2018
Rating: 5/5
Reviewed by : JP

Patience is a virtue.   Back on April 15th, 2010, I visited Scrape Records in Vancouver with a buddy of mine.  We were in town to see Killfest and had to make the pilgrimage to the all-Metal store.   Scrape had copies of both of the Sodom LORDS OF DEPRAVITY DVD set.  There were $50.00 each and that seemed a bit steep to me, I could get 10 albums in the $5.00 bargain bin for that price, so I passed, thinking…”one day….”   My buddy who had deeper pockets at the time bought both!

Fast forward to last month when shopping I found LORDS OF DEPRAVITY I for $8.00. It is used but mint condition so I grabbed it with glee and I tell you it was worth the eight-year wait.  I borrowed his copy of the Part II so I could write a review of both of them.

Normally at we don’t bother to go back write reviews of old stuff too often, but I find DVD’s are a bit of an exception. To go back and review every Metal album is virtually impossible as there are hundreds of thousands of releases.   However, with DVD’s it is plausible that we could eventually review every Metal Home Video/VHS/DVD because as the format becomes obsolete there are a finite number in existence. Additionally there aren’t that many DVD’s produced, compared to CD’s.    I very roughly estimate there are only about  2000 Metal DVD’s in existence and we have already reviewed about 450 of them so I figure it is an attainable goal.   Lastly, this year in 2018 sees the return of Frank Blackfire and a whole new Sodom line-up, so this is a good a time as any to review some history!  That is long justification for wanting to watch and review 10 hours of Sodom on DVD because I felt like it!

Feel free to read my reviews of both parts of this awesome set!   You may want to read my review of LORDS OF DEPRAVITY Part I , because they really are a set and there is a lot of repeat information about the format , design and layout, which I won’t bother repeating here.  The packaging and design are consistent with the first one, they both look great.

Part II starts off exactly where Part I ended and it opens with an odd clip of Tom quietly walking in a forest and going to a hunting cabin and shooting his rifle.  Tom is an avid hunter.  Then the video picks up the tale that ended with the MASQUERADE IN BLOOD tour cycle, that when complete, essentially put the band on hiatus for about 18 months.  The documentary covers the next twelve years from 1995 or to 2007.

This video has very slightly higher production values, perhaps because of the higher quality of video being pulled from post 1995 as compared to grainy old VHS or hand-held camcorder footage from the 80’s.   The interviews are just very slightly less interesting for two reasons.  First, a wider variety of members passed through the band in the early years.  From 1996-2007 (and beyond) the trio was remarkably stable with Tom, Bernemann and Bobby so they were the only members interviewed.  Secondly, the interviews all took place in the same place so there was very little visually to distinguish them, it was just the guys each sitting separately in what looked like a record company office or Sodom HQ.  So in that instance, it was a bit more visually dull.  This DVD, LORDS OF DEPRAVITY documentary Part II is even longer than Part I running almost four hours long!   You have to be REALLY committed to watch them back-to-back for almost eight hours.  Needless to say it is an extremely good value and very comprehensive.

Another aspect I really liked is that Part II also covered Tom’ s solo work in Onkel Tom (his Germanic beer-drinking comedy side-project) and his ‘Western Metal’ outfit, Desperado.  It was cool to learn about all that stuff as well.  The booklet is much the same as Part I, album by album is covered with liner notes, reviews and commentary covered TIL DEATH DO US UNITE  all the way too the remake album THE FINAL SIGN OF EVIL in 2007.   There is perhaps a little less content because Part II covers the four albums they made, as compared to Part I which covered seven albums. When they worked at a faster pace.  At the end ofr the liner notes, when this was issued in 2010, tom commented they are going to start working o nthe next chapter, which we can only assume and hope is going to be LORDS OF DEPRAVITY Part III covering 2007 to …?    The band has been even less productive only releasing three studio albums in the last decade.  There are a couple more bonus videos and some deleted scenes as well. It has pretty much everything you need!

Disc Two is a very unique and special moment the Sodom 25thanniversary concert at Wacken Open Air on  Thursday, August 2nd, 2007.  The plan was to have all former members of the band come up and play a little bit on stage to celebrate this amazing achievement.  While Tom was unable to get everyone (there were a couple guys who just could not or would not participate) and there were a few technical issues, the concert was a total success.  It seemed a bit strange to finally watch this two-hour concert of the 25thanniversary thinking, now they are on their 36thanniversary!

Like the previous one, LORDS OF DEPRAVITY Part II is virtually flawless on all levels, design, performance and execution.  I can’t wait for Part III!

DVD 1  

Lords of Depravity Documentary Part II

DVD 2 

  1. Blood On Your Lips

  2. Wanted Dead

  3. City Of God

  4. Axis Of Evil

  5. Blasphemer

  6. Proselytism Real

  7. Christ Passion

  8. Magic Dragon

  9. Tarred And Feathered

  10. One Step Over The Line

  11. Get What You Deserve

  12. Abuse

  13. Frozen Screams

  14. The Vice Of Killing

  15. Napalm In The Morning

  16. Sodomy And Lust

  17. Ausgebombt

  18. The Saw Is The Law

  19. Outbreak Of Evil

  20. Bombenhagel

  21. Outro

  22. Fuck The Police (videoclip)

  23. City Of God (videoclip)

  24. Deleted Scenes