Sodom-Lords Of Depravity-Part I (DVD review)

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Sodom – Lords Of Depravity Part I
Released: 2007
Label: SPV
Reviewed:  November 2018
Rating: 5/5
Reviewed by : JP

Patience is a virtue.   Back on April 15th, 2010, I visited Scrape Records in Vancouver with a buddy of mine.  We were in town to see Killfest and had to make the pilgrimage to the all-Metal store.   Scrape had copies of both of the Sodom LORDS OF DEPRAVITY DVD set.  There were $50.00 each and that seemed a bit steep to me, I could get 10 albums in the $5.00 bargain bin for that price, so I passed, thinking…”one day….”   My buddy who had deeper pockets at the time bought both!

Fast forward to last month when shopping I found LORDS OF DEPRAVITY I for $8.00. It is used but mint condition so I grabbed it with glee and I tell you it was worth the eight-year wait.  I borrowed his copy of the Part II so I could write a review of both of them.

Normally at we don’t bother to go back write reviews of old stuff too often, but I find DVD’s are a bit of an exception. To go back and review every Metal album is virtually impossible as there are hundreds of thousands of releases.   However, with DVD’s it is plausible that we could eventually review every Metal Home Video/VHS/DVD because as the format becomes obsolete there are a finite number in existence. Additionally there aren’t that many DVD’s produced, compared to CD’s.    I very roughly estimate there are only about  2000 Metal DVD’s in existence and we have already reviewed about 450 of them so I figure it is an attainable goal.   Lastly, this year in 2018 sees the return of Frank Blackfire and a whole new Sodom line-up, so this is a good a time as any to review some history!  That is long justification for wanting to watch and review 10 hours of Sodom on DVD because I felt like it!

Feel free to read my reviews of both parts of this awesome set!

I’ll start by saying this is one of the better DVD sets, I’ve ever seen.  It is a double-fold-out digipak style that houses two discs and two booklets, one booklet per disc. There is actually an enormous amount of information printed on the case and in the booklets, it will probably take you half an hour to read the tiny print.   Disc One is the Lords Of Depravity documentary that covers the first 12 years of the band, roughly 1982-1995.  The matching booklet goes album by album through that era of the band.  There are reviews, photos and personal commentary from Tom on each album as well.

The documentary is three hours and 15 minutes, it is extremely comprehensive to say the least.  The production value is very good and there has been every effort to extensively interview every past member.  Additional interviews include roadies, managers, agents, producers and anyone who was touched by Sodom in the early days.  They even interviewed some of Tom Angelrippers old colleagues from when he worked in the coalmines of the Ruhr Valley!   There is an enormous amount of historical footage, rehearsals, flyers, live clips and more. I should say for our readers who speak English, you have to read the subtitles.

Disc Two is called LIVE DEPRAVITY and is a mixed concert representation of the band live.  There are clips from Wacken, a legendary gig in Bulgaria, stuff from With Full force and more.  There are also three video clips.   The whole ‘concert’ runs about 90 minutes.   The accompanying booklet has extensive liner notes and thoughts and memories from Tom on each show.  Very interesting reading to be sure.

Originally this was supposed to be ‘just’ a concert video, Sodom’s first but it grew and grew into the beast we have today.   This DVD is essentially perfect.  I cannot think of anyway to improve it.   A must have for all Sodom fans.

Track listing:

DVD 1 Lords Of Depravity-Part I (Documentary)

Tells the band’s history from 1982 up until 1995. Includes backstage and behind-the-scenes footage as well as rare photos and interviews with current and former members of the band.

DVD 2 Live Depravity

  1. “Intro”
  2. “Among the Weirdcong”
  3. “Vice of Killing”
  4. “Outbreak of Evil”
  5. “Masquerade in Blood”
  6. “On Tour Worldwide”
  7. “The Saw Is the Law”
  8. “Remember the Fallen”
  9. “Die Stumme Ursel”
  10. “M-16”
  11. “Press Worldwide”
  12. “Napalm in the Morning”
  13. “Nuclear Winter”
  14. “Tombstone”
  15. “Sodomized”
  16. “Eat Me”
  17. “Sodom Worldwide”
  18. “Intro—Code Red”
  19. “Aber Bitte mit Sahne”
  20. “Wachturm”
  21. “Agent Orange”
  22. “Fans Worldwide”
  23. “Sodomy and Lust”
  24. “Witching Metal”
  25. “Backstage”
  26. “Ausgebombt”
  27. “Ace of Spades”
  28. “Backstage”
  29. “Stalinorgel”
  30. “Bombenhagel”
  31. “Outro”