Iron Maiden-Legacy Of The Beast (Graphic Novel)

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Band: Iron Maiden

Title: Legacy Of The Beast (Graphic novel)

Year: 2018

Publisher: Heavy Metal Inc.

Reviewed:  November 2018

Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by : JP


Back in December of 2107 I reviewed the first Iron Maiden comic, Part I in the five part Legacy Of The Beast story.  It was good, but not earth-shattering.  I opted to just wait and buy all five of them at once because I knew there would be some sort of compilation of all of them.  Here we are in November 2018 and the series is complete, so I’m reviewing all of them now.

The story is that the Clairvoyant frees Eddie from being trapped in the netherworld and together, she as his sort of spirit guide? And they travel dimension by dimension (comic by comic) to fight four different foes.   Each foe is based on Maiden mythology and lore.  So, Eddie fights the Wicker Man from  BRAVE NEW WORLD and fights Horus from POWERSLAVE and so on.  The quartet of baddies are controlled by Satan himself and there is a plot about the enchanted crystal, fragments of Eddie’s ‘soul’ that have been scattered and so off they go on their quest.    I think they did a decent job interesting Maiden stuff into the plot line.   The colour, art and graphics are all fine and while the comics are one big quest with lots of fights, it is not too violent.    A bunch of different skilled folks worked on the art this book and they are to be congratulated on a job well done.

My main complaint is the dialogue of the Clairvoyant and Eddie. Eddie basically doesn’t speak at all, he just growls, so we are left with her to narrate things to explain the story and it gets painful.  For some reason the Clairvoyant, an ancient and mystical, time-travelling goddess speaks like a teenage Valley Girl from California in the early 80’s. It is painful, how many stupid, stupid lines she has.  The writing for that character really diminished the overall impact of the story for me.  The plot is a bit predictable and of course we get a cliff-hanger ending which I won’t spoil for you, but I was pleasantly surprised by it.  Not the fact it was a cliff-hanger, but the way it was written and the new scenario introduced.  I’m sure there will be another 4-5 part series.

I can’t help but feel that Maiden went a little bit overboard with the number of alternate cover art for each version.  Each book in the series had four covers so twenty in all for the collector.   At least all of them were reproduced in this compilation. All in all it looks great and is nicely designed and laid-out.

So, the end grade is a reasonable, middle of the road story, light fun, easy to read, true to some Maiden lore and enough album and lyric references to please Maiden fans.  LEGACY OF THE BEAST is a neat, but not mandatory item for your Iron Maiden collection.