Icarus Witch – Goodbye Cruel World

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November 2018
Released: October 26th, 2018 / Cleopatra Records
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

I remember the day I first put in the debut full-length by Icarus Witch, CAPTURE THE MAGIC. I thought to myself, wow, these guys rock! That was 2005. Did I keep up with them? No. Why you ask? Too many bands, too little time I guess. A track or two here and there over the years does not constitute really keeping up with them. It’s a shame yes, but I will make up for that going forward.

Icarus Witch is a U.S. traditional heavy metal band that formed back in 2003. For those of you who may be unaware. Early on the band received praise for their style of metal. As I had mentioned, the debut was / is a great album. I still have the promo disk. It wasn’t long after that release that Icarus Witch was dubbed the “founding members” of The New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal. That is quite an accomplishment of praise for a new act.

Fast forward 2018 and the Witch is back! With a vengeance I must add. For creative reasons and extensive touring, the band had not released any new material for the past 6 years. Founding members Jason “Sin” Myers and Quinn Lukas needed to sit back and regroup their vision and direction of the band. What happened next, well now, is amazing.
They hooked up with a new vocalist Andrew D’Cagna who is known in the region for his work with Brimstone Coven and Iron Flame. Have you heard this guy yet? Holy crap! An amazing (whoops said that twice now) set of pipes on this guy. Flawless could be another description of what he brings to the band.
With being somewhat out of the Icarus Witch loop for the past couple of releases, I can safely move forward without having to compare this to their older works. I actually thought at first of just typing amazing a hundred or so times and calling it a day as this album is great in every sense of the word.
Description, description, uh, there is an abundant amount of catchy riffs and intricate soloing to make one stop in their tracks for the gratuitous air guitar salute. A head bangers delight with enough melody that causes the hair to stand on end. D’Cagna’s vocals here are almost a bit too hypnotic to be considered legal. Sing along worthy? That would be a hell yeah!

Is that too corny of a description? It is a good possibility and I am not sure I really care. I still want to just type AMAZING! a hundred times.
In the world of traditional sounding heavy metal, sure there many who have jump on the band wagon as the trend demands it. The one thing with Icarus Witch is this is not an album made because it is the “in thing” now or even in ’05. This is Icarus Witch’s sound. And they are at the top of the genre in my eyes. After you give this one a spin, you too will agree.



1. Goodbye Cruel World
2. Misfortune Teller
3. Lightning Strikes
4. Mirage
5. Through Your Eyes
6. The Flood
7. Silence of the Siren
8. Possessed by You
9. Antivenom
10. Until the Bitter End

Jason “Sin” Myers – Bass, Keyboards
Quinn Lukas – Guitars
Andrew D’Cagna – Vocals