Corpsefucking Art – Splatterphobia

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Corpsefucking Art – Splatterphobia
Reviewed: November, 2018
Released: 2018, Comatose Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

There are plenty of bands within the brutal death metal scene who take themselves way too seriously. Italy’s Corpsefucking Art is not one of those bands.

CFA has been doling out platters of tongue-in-cheek splatter since the mid-90s, injecting/slicing/puncturing (insert your own ultra-violent verb here) doses of humor and self-awareness into ultra-brutal soundtracks of death metal. The band’s latest SPLATTERPHOBIA carries that tradition forward with 10 new tracks of audio gore that on a technical merit should give genre heavyweights a run for their money (your move, Cannibal Corpse). And also while invoking the spirit of Robocop and time traveling executioners.

When you get past the shtick, tunes like “Tomator”, “Beyond the Holy Grounds”, and “Blood.Knife.Mirror.” are legit, well-constructed death metal offerings. Most of the album is; it’s just the hyper blast/sub-guttural vocal delivery that creates a perceived difference in quality when compared to more mainstream death metal bands . That, and naming your band after the sexual assault of a corpse.

Personally, it doesn’t get much better than the band’s 2008’s ZOMBIEFUCK and the hit single “Beverly Hills Corpse”, but SPLATTERPHOBIA is a fine addition to Corpsefucking Art’s lengthy library of lasciviousness. It’s heavy, it’s fun, it’s the soundtrack to a Saturday afternoon Satanic Barbecue. Best served loud and raw, enjoy.



Track List:
1. Splatterphobia
2. Satanic Barbecue
3. Black Sheep Terror
4. Tomator
5. Nightmare City
6. Robocorpse II
7. Devoured by the Sauce
8. Beyond the Holy Grounds
9. Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead (Cannibal Corpse cover)
10. Blood, Knife, Mirror

Andrea Cipolla – Guitars
Marco De Ritis – Bass
Mario Di Giambattista – Guitars
Francesco Bastard – Vocals
Marco Coghe – Drums


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