YOB : Tavastia Helsinki Finland

Spread the metal:

The stoner/doom/sludge metal has become more and more bigger and appreciated even by the mainstream crowd nowadays. However the genre is the pure underground and enjoys the fanatical following among the fans. Therefore bands presenting this genre have gained the more and more following and reached for the loyal fanbase. YOB is such a known three piece combo hailing from Oregon, has released eight albums by now. The last opus titled OUR RAW HEART is another piece of evidence of the art and the masterpiece created by Mike Scheidt. App. 300-400 people had arrived at the legendary Tavastia club to see.

The domestic two piece outfit called NYOS had got the opening slot for YOB. The audience stood in a solid distance from the stage and followed the two-piece playing. The stuff could be described as a hybrid mix of progressive approach with the reckless and chaotic riff. The duot created an intensive sonic performance by doing the breathtaking playing which was truly full of passion.

YOB released the eighth full length called OUR RAW HEART being another great output from Mike Scheidt even though the man had to go thru the painful period in his health issues. Obviously the most of the stuff was written by Mike Scheidt when being at hospital. Therefore the album is supposed to be having a more personal touch. However YOB has always sounded splendid, even doomy brutal, but also extremely epic on stage. The gig at the legendary Tavastia club didn’t make any exception in that case. The set was kicked off by “Blaze” and was followed by “Screen” off the latest opus OUR RAW HEART. The Ohio based three piece did 7 songs epic long songs within 90 minutes.The group’s music is an interesting mix of raw riff with doom elements, but also with the melancholic epic riffs and epic songs. Seeing the people to enjoy YOB and epic hymns with the closed eyes was the perfect way to get into the world of YOB as beautiful and epic hymns kept flowing around the venue. The people were utterly spell-bounded and mesmerized by YOB’s amazing flow and musical journey into the world of Mike Scheidt. Mike Scheidt appeared to be the most humble and heartfelt guy, remembering to thank the audience for coming to the show several times and got thrilled to communicate with the people in the front row. YOB offered a great performance in front of the entranced crowd.