Traveler / Coronary – Split Release 2018 Demos

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October 2018
Released: July 27th, 2018 / Gates Of Hell Records
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

“Coronary, who formed in Tampere in 2017, when a pair of Finnish metal veterans, guitarist Aku “Herr Lederwurst” Kytölä and drummer Pate “Batvik” Vuorio, reconnected after bumping into each other at a local flea market, strike first with their German-influenced, unvarnished take on freewheeling ’80s metal. Flashy and spiraling leads emerge from every corner, while the dirty, rough-and-tumble vocals of Olli “The True Herman” Kärki, emerges as the necessary bridge between the band’s notable German/Euro influences that bringing back to mind bands like Accept or Torch and early 80s melodic American metal leanings. The 2017 creation of guitarist, bassist and primary songwriter Matt Ries, Traveler is rounded out by Gatekeeper vocalist Jean-Pierre Abboud and drummer Chad Vallier. The band’s contributions to the split are marked by an up-tempo, almost relentless style of ground-and-pound metal, reminiscent of the best of Deaf Dealer and 80s Canadian classics going toe-to-toe with Iron Maiden. And, much in the same way he fits Gatekeeper like a glove, Abboud proves to be just as good of a fit in Traveler, becoming the perfect offset to Ries’s penchant for quick, rifling twin-guitar harmonies.”

After listening to this split for the past couple weeks almost non-stop, I sat here to type this up and was a bit lost. I opened the PDF promo sheet and read through it the first time and as there does seem to be a lack of pertinent info online, I went ahead and high-jacked a couple paragraphs from the release sheet.

I can say with no doubt that from the first track from Traveler I was blown away. Now with Traveler and Coronary both, there are no new groundbreaking sounds or styles that you have not heard time and time before. But for me, they both have that vintage speed/power metal vibe that is all too familiar, yet when trying to compare closely to get a feel of who they sound like is a bit difficult as their originality to the genre shines through.

Traveler’s music is a head banging metal fury. A style of metal that is not overly speedy in terms of tempo, but has the power and heaviness of some earlier Maiden classics as well as Fifth Angel (whom I refer to a lot) as well as Nocturnal Rites, early Lizzy Borden, and Leather Wolf. There is an abundance of notable melodies throughout the mix of hooky choruses that have you chanting along to by the second track all the while not even know what the lyrics are.


1. TRAVELER – Starbreaker
2. TRAVELER – Behind The Iron
3. TRAVELER – Mindless Maze
4. CORONARY – Firewings
5. CORONARY – Bullet Train
6. CORONARY – Mestengo


Olli “The True Herman” Kärki – Lead vocals
Aku “Herr Lederwurst” Kytölä – Guitar and backing vocals
Jukka “Doktor” Holm – Guitar
Jarkko “C-90” Aaltonen – Bass
Pate “BATVIK” Vuorio – Drums and backing vocals

Matt Ries – Guitar / Bass
Jean-Pierre Abboud- Vocals
Chad Vallier- Drums