The Heretics Fork – Tormentore

The Heretics Fork – Tormentore
Reviewed: October, 2018
Released: 2018, P2 Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Not much is known about The Heretics Fork – who they are, where they’re from, or if they’re really just a gifted Rottweiler with a BC Rich and a 4-track. What is known about The Heretics Fork and their debut TORMENTORE, is that it’s the fugliest sounding death metal record this side of anything by Mortician that I’ve heard in ages.

TORMENTORE is a chaotic 27 minutes of sub-guttural unintelligible vocals, guitars tuned down to Z and played through speakers filled with mashed potatoes, matched with an obnoxiously loud snare drum that must’ve roschambo’d its way into the front of the mix. Save for the occasional doomy slam intros of “Sacrosanct Disembowelment” and “Unhuman Engorgement”, there’s not a damn thing that differentiates one song from the next, as the blur of blast beats and gurgles rinses and repeats itself across TORMENTORE’s 8 tracks. It’s a hot mess of a record, but what’s less certain is why I keep coming back for additional listens.

There’s something about the sheer abrasiveness and lack of fuggs given on TORMENTORE that allows it a sort of endearing quality. I almost suspect that The Heretics Fork is some kind of arthouse project determined to see just far they can push the boundaries of what’s considered “music”, but I’m just as easily swayed that it could be another export from the Eastern Block that just tends to do this style of ultra-brutal death really convincingly. Either way, I imagine that this is the kind of stuff that Will Rahmer listens to on a Sunday night as he’s getting ready to settle in for the evening.

If you like your death metal to sound like a garbage disposal running with a fork stuck in it, The Heretics Fork is good for what ails ya’. And even if you don’t genuinely dig that end of the heavy spectrum, TORMENTORE is still great for an enjoyable “what the hell did we just listen to?” diversion.



Track List:
1. Realms of Unmitigated Anguish
2. Concealed in Infamy
3. Sacrosanct Disembowelment
4. The Malefic Womb
5. Abyssal Submergence
6. Diminished Unto Lunacy
7. Unhuman Engorgement
8. Vespers of Torment



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