Grisly – The Spectral Wars

October 2018
Released: September 12th, 2018 / Xtreem Music
Rating: 3.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Grisly is a Swedish death metal band featuring Rogga Johansson, a man of many bands. The latest opus, THE SPECTRAL WARS is a pretty good outing for what it is. There is nothing earth shattering with this album in terms of originality or anything like that, but is very tolerable.
For the metal heads that tend to veer away from death metal, one could find themselves getting into the style of Grisly. The tracks are brutal and doom-fill while being to the point. Not necessarily a traditional style of death metal, but close. The mix of thrash at times set the pace of the songs nicely and the fact that the vocals are for the most part distinguishable is also a plus here.

Their sound seems to be a sound they can call their own. It is pretty distinct in the terms that it really doesn’t sound like most other death metal bands. Fan of Benediction, Grave and Autopsy will enjoy this release. As will most fans of the extreme and death metal genres. It didn’t blow me away, but it is a good listen and is growing on me a little more as it plays here in the background.

Grisly is a band to check out. I look forward to keeping up with them and future recordings.


1. Consumed from Beneath
2. Rot to the Living
3. Parasite Parasite
4. The Casket Eaters
5. Teeth That Rips
6. Bring Out the Horrors
7. Supernatural Warfare
8. Sentenced to Armageddon
9. Into Insanity
10. The Spectral Wars

Rogga Johansson – guitars/vocals
Dennis Blomberg – bass
Henke lundgren – drums


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