Dopethrone – Transcanadian Anger

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Dopethrone – Transcanadian Anger
Reviewed: October, 2018
Released: 2018, Totem Cat Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Big riffs and bong hits – it’s really all you need to know about any Dopethrone album.

TRANSCANADIAN ANGER is the latest release from the Montreal doom trio, and rest assured it doesn’t deviate from that very simple recipe. Originating as a derivative of Electric Wizard’s brand of low end, drug fueled cult, the band has slowly evolved into its own filthy brand of self abusive doom over the course of now five albums, with TRANSCANADIAN ANGER being the most satisfying release yet.

Like past albums, each track on TRANSCANADIAN ANGER invokes some kind of substance abusing wanderlust by way of a 70’s grindhouse flick, but the songs themselves come across as more robust and intuitive this time around. There’s still plenty of roaring, molasses covered distortion, but the wailing groove of tracks like “Wrong Sabbath”, “Scuzzgasm” and “Kingbilly Kush” sting harder and longer than most like-minded bands could hope to muster. The 8 new tunes are full of hooks and kitsch, the drums crash like a Sunday morning hangover, and the vocals spit forth like a rattlesnake on meth. And by packing all of this into a concise 30-something minutes, Dopethrone avoid the usual pitfalls of straying too deep into their own haze for too long, opting to focus the energy on the guts of each tune and move on to the next shiny object.

There’s not much else to wax poetic about TRANSCANADIAN ANGER – it’s slow, ugly, heavy, and best served with some kind of inebriant and/or a good subwoofer. Physical copies are available through Totem Cat Records, but like any good hippy cooperative, you can also name your price for a digital copy through Dopethrone’s Bandcamp page. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, turn up to 11, and learn what these Canadians are so angry about.



Track List:
1. Planet Meth
2. Wrong Sabbath
3. Killdozer
4. Scuzzgasm
5. Tweak Jabber
6. Snort Dagger
7. Kingbilly Kush
8. Miserabilist (feat. Julie)


Vince – Guitars, Vocals
Vyk – Bass
Shawn – Drums