Helsinki Death Fest

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Helsinki deathfest is such an interesting underground event, gathering several brutal and obscure barbaric death or deadly metal bands playing together. The fest was arranged for the second time in a row in a small obscure place in Helsinki. The fest offered the most brutal and barbaric death/black metal bands coming out nowadays. Judging by the undergound of the extreme death metal, the whole scene definitely lives and well, even though more young blood is needed.  Here is the small write-up of the fest. The third edition of the Helsinki Deathfest will be arranged in 2019, therefore keep the eyes open.



Repression got the privilege to kick the two day indoor underground fest off. The band consisting of four relatively young guys sounded extremely technical. In some point it felt the band has ladled the influnences from the ancient ones and classic names. The riffs and playing and solos kind of were reminiscent to the old old Morbid Angel/Death because of vicious and catchy riff. The stuff truly blew away. Killer stuff Check it out here

The next one causing the sonic assault was Cynabre Urn. This was as well their debut gig ever, and besides their ep sounded one hell of a great output indeed. The band didn’t rely on any melodic aspects, instead the raw, even a bit barbaric outburst sounded like a well carried mix of cold nihilism and heaviness. The songs were truly speldind constructed with the catchy riff. The intro between songs gave more eerie feeling, that could have been used more between songs. Check out here 

Lie In Ruins presented another aspects of nihilism and grim brutality. The vocalist’s look was a remisncent of a living dead corpse. The band offered a great delivery of the real grim souding death metal with the slight black metal influences. The four piece of the living dead corpses at the stage didn’t spend the time to hassle, just unleashing the tormenting sonic pleasure thru the whole set. Check out their material here

The Finnish extreme barbaric black metal squad Blood Chalice was a real apocalyptic squad on the stage. The obvious Blasphemy and other bands of that genre influences could be pointed out a right way. Blood Chalice unleashed the warmetal alike chaos and pounded the whole set with the extremity and brutality. The band didn’t compromised and showed any mercy in the set, just terrorizing the most furious black metal. Check it out

The Chilean WrathPrayer didn’t show any mercy either. The band definitely relied on the most nihilistic warmetal. The frontman as well the frontman for Oraculum  has the vicious sounding and raw outburst in the voice. The uncompromising riff without any melodies sounded inhuman raw and primitive. The group didn’t waste any extra time for communicating, just punching the songs away in the most deadly brutal way.

The last act of the first opening day was Coffins out of Japan. The four-piece is known for relying on the school death/doom approach. The Japanese four -piece delivered the true deadly death/doom metal. The audience went beserk when Coffins unleashed the deadly and doomy riffs. Even though the band didn’t communicate that much instead let the death metal hymns roll all over.



Cannibal Accident carried out the blood spitting session in the backyard before hitting the stage. Obviously the blood session took more time as expected as the start was awful lot late. Cannibal Accident operates in the hilarious grind core genre and definitely has the tongue-in-cheeck attitude for sure. The band hammered each song with the insane grinding touch.

Demonical hailing from Sweden is known for flagging for the old school Swedish death metal. The band definitely created such an ultimate flashback to the early days of the Swedish death metal explosion. The Swedish old death metal squad rampaged the audience by delivering the brilliant set of the true death metal without any gimmicks and other poseuring fake. Demonical sounded vicious and brutal indeed.

The German Fleshcrawl have visited Finland once before in the early 90’s. At that time the line-up was totally different as obviously there is only one sole surviving member left from those days. However the German old school death metal did a solid gig by covering the long career with the intensive performance. Even though Fleshcrawl never gained that big mainstream success, but the band has remained to the old school roots. Some old Entombed/Dismember influences popped up here and there.

Blood Incantation’s gig was in the jeopardy as the airline managed to screw up their equipment. The whole gig was cancelled, but all of a sudden it was announced Blood Incantation would play for sure. The organization of the fest did one hell of a job to track down instruments and other bands borrowed the gear of their own that the Blood Incantation gig could happen. After the insane huge work Blood Incantation got on the stage to spread the dark and obscure death metal. Blood Incantation relies on the annunaki mythos and other space oriented stuff and combine those elements into the obscure stuff. Because of hassles with the lost gear Blood Incantation couldn’t play that long.