Dying Fetus, Carnifex , Toxic Holocaust, Goatwhore @ Islington Academy, LONDON

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Monday 13th August 2018

Review by Nathan Slack

Photography by David William Hatton

Dying Fetus have a reputation for bringing with them some kick ass bands with them on tour, case in point, they just announced a Fall US tour with Incantation and Gatecreeper and their recent European Tour was no different as 4 bands, yes 4 bands were set to support them this time round. San Diego Deathcore group Carnifex, Crossover thrash one man band Toxic Holocaust, New Orleans Blackened Death metallers, Goatwhore and UK’s own Venom Prison.

Personally I think the amount of bands is slightly overkill even after Venom Prison pulled out of the tour due to them being on the verge of recording their next studio album, especially for a school night when your not sure until the day of the gig when your favourite support will actually go on stage. Goatwhore,

disappointingly only had about 25 minutes on stage as they opened the night (which I was most aggrieved to hear as they where the main reason I wanted to go to this gig). It confused me to think what if Venom Prison had decided to play, would the opening supports only had 10 minutes a piece?

Who knows but I really felt sorry for Sammy Duet (formily Acid Bath) and company as they tried to stoke up a fire in the bellies of the early bird fans before them.

Has to be said that there was a fair amount of people for a 6:30 start on a Monday and a few die hard fans made the most of their set but sadly, for all of Sammy’s efforts, they just didn’t have enough time to really ignite a stoic crowd.

Met Sammy at the merch table after and shook his hand and spoke about my love for Acid Bath and New Orleans. Such a nice bloke I might add!

Next up were Toxic Holocaust and Joel Grind and his band of session musicians take to the stage.

The beer had loosened people up enough that some more intense moshing kicked off as the punky thrash projected their fast paced energy from the stage onto the crowd.

Now I’m no huge Thrash fan but I can’t deny that a lot of bands come across well in a live environment. Toxic Holocaust were no different.

By the time they left the stage, everyone is joining in with a head bang and a Dio devil horns.

You should definitely give them a listen if you haven’t yet.

Before hand I personally thought that Carnifex were the odd ones out on the bill as Deathcore fans and Brutal Death Metal fans don’t often mix and when Carnifex take to the stage in their main support slot my suspicions are reaffirmed for me as the mood in the room changes within the first few songs.

They are greeted with a muted response and their backing tracks to their songs seem out of place after hearing the raw power of Goatwhore and Toxic Holocaust, the tech side to Carnifex is really grating.

Some of my younger friends used to be really into them and I feel they are a great gateway band leading on to greater things.

Would have loved Goatwhore to have taken their slot and have Carnifex as an opener and I think that would have gone down better on the night in my opinion.

This is the second time that I’m seeing Dying Fetus and I think they picked a great venue for tonight as the sound system was top notch, smacking you in the chest from the first few cords of their opening song, Wrong One to Fuck With.

At Damnation Festival they killed it with a mosh pit starting up even before they started playing. It was really full on, even after the madness that erupted during Nails’s set, Dying Fetus’s fans didn’t let them down.

That Monday night was no exception as the dirty grooves and the chant “Wrong one to Fuck With!!” cries out through the crowd.

Dying Fetus for me perfectly blend Tech Death, Brutal and Slam into one of the hardest hitting bands around..EVER. Best to get Grotesque Impalement out of the way early before everyone runs out of puff because it’s one of the best death metal songs ever written in my humble opinion and the stokes up the crowd to fever pitch and sends the room bat shit crazy. It’s a song thats longer than expected and has lots of tempo changes that lull you into a false sense of security before booting you in the face. A circle pit opens up and people and boots fly over head.

Lead singer John Gallagher applauds the crowd for going so hard on a Monday night and proceeds to rip our faces off with From Womb to Waste.

Subjected to a Beating keeps up the momentum as does newer track Seething with Distain. They end an awesome night with older track Kill your mother, Rape your Dog…nice.

I  had an awesome time even though a fuck up on the door meant I had to pay nearly 30 quid to get in. Ah well!


  1. Wrong One to Fuck With
  2. Panic Amongst the Herd
  3. Grotesque Impalement
  4. From Womb to Waste
  5. Fixated on Devastation
  6. Subjected to a Beating
  7. Induce Terror
  8. Seething With Disdain
  9. Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses)
  10. Your Treachery Will Die With You
  11. Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog