Satyricon – Deep Calleth Upon Deep

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Satyricon – Deep Calleth Upon Deep
Released: 2017, Napalm Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Satyricon are a band that I first heard and liked back in 1996 with the now classic NEMESIS DIVINA. It wasn’t until the band grew and evolved into a blackened heavy metal band around 2002 with the album VOLCANO, and especially 2006’s NOW, DIABOLICAL that I really took notice and got more into them. Since then I’ve followed the band and in September 2017 their album DEEP CALLETH UPON DEEP was unleashed.

Although it’s been almost a year since this album was released, it is still in my rotation list and I have become somewhat obsessed with the band thanks to this album. Since no one jumped on the album to review it when it came out, I am correcting this and giving the album a proper review.  The stark, mostly white, album artwork, is reflective of the band’s progression and lack of fucks given for sticking to an outdated mold of what they should be. They often have received flack for progressing from their roots and not staying 100% black metal. However, the black metal imagery, lyrics, vocals etc are still highly evident. There are still tracks and riffs/drums that have that chaotic sound and tremelo picked guitars that are a permanent fixture of the black metal genre. However, the riffs and groove are often more in line with traditional heavy metal evoking moments of Sabbath and some dark doomy sounds. For me, this is great. I’ve been listening to more black metal in the past couple years and Satyricon’s bridging of metal and black metal elements are perfect.

Even though the band’s sound isn’t as black metal as their roots, it still sounds evil. Even the melodies have that edge like the main melody in “Blood Cracks open the Ground’. Looking over the song titles, as I’ve heard the album so much in the past year, I immediately hear the song, or chorus and want to listen to the song. The single from the album has a video (the only one from the album), that does not feature anyone from the band, just an evil goat and some women. That’s almost as cool, but it would have been nice to see the band as well. The song is menacing, mostly slow, with a lot of ringing out chords not unlike some of their other songs. I really like the atmosphere it creates. The album’s title track has some neat subdued operatic backing male vocals around the chorus. Another stand out track is “The Ghost of Rome”. The bounce along main theme riff and how it fits with the drums is very catchy and memorable. The opening riff for “Black Wings and Withering Gloom” is very catchy as well – so well matched with the lyrics “Silently moving in the snow covered mountains of North”…..epic. This song is perhaps a little more black metal leaning than some of the others on the album. There’s a short but nice little nod to Sabbath’s “Children of the Grave” in the middle of “Burial Rites” (the seabed rumbles!!!!) – very cool.

The only criticism I would make of the album, which is nothing new for this band’s style, is the lack of lead guitar. I love leads, even if it is a simpler melody line and not virtuosic shred, it still, for me, brings things to the next level. But that criticism is minor. Overall this band, and the direction this band has forged, is unique and sets them apart from so many others. Hopefully the next album from the band won’t be too far off.



  1. Midnight Serpent

  2. Blood Cracks Open The Ground

  3. To Your Brethren In The Dark

  4. Deep Calleth Upon Deep

  5. The Ghost Of Rome

  6. Dissonant

  7. Black Wings And Withering Gloom

  8. Burial Rites

Recording Line up:

Satyr: vocals, guitars, bass & lyrics
Frost: drums

Anders Odden: Bass, rhythm guitar
Håkon Kornstad: Tenor saxophone (track 6), backing vocals (tracks 4 & 5)
Arild Stav: Bass clarinet
Hans Josef Grih: Cello
Frode Carlsen: Contrabassoon
Bjarne Magnus Jensen: Violin
Jan Olav Martinsen: French horn
Tom Ottar Andreassen: Wind instruments

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