The Psalm – I

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Reviewed: September 2018
Released: 2017, Repulsive Echo
Rating: 3 out of 5
Reviewer: InfamousButcher

EP’s just fit well with death metal. I can think of a shitload of killer EPs by various death metal bands, and sometimes they even contain a band’s best work. The Psalm is a 3 piece from Greece that formed after the breakup of Nocturnal Vomit, who had been around for about 15 years. The Psalm has one release, their EP I that is an interesting mix of styles. Let’s dig into a bit.

First track “A Mass for the Bereaved” is suitably doomy and atmospheric at first before building into blast beats and catchy riffs. Vocalist Thomas Eremite is quite good and sounds a lot like Martin Van Drunen (Asphyx, Hail of Bullets). Guitar solo towards the end is haunting and the entire track provides a palpable sense of dread. Then things start to change with “Ascetic”. Initially the drumming is hammering and the riffs remind me of Morbid Angel. Thomas’s vocals get cleaner as the song goes on and there are some spoken parts. The music lightens subtly and becomes more melodic and hypnotic. Very different vibe from the first track, which is more straight-ahead death. “The Mystical Meeting” features some great guitar work which sounds thrashy at times, melodic at others. Vocals are a blend of harsh and clean. “Typhlosis” is the shortest song on the EP, features some clean vocals. Closing track “The Yawning Chasm” sounds live, raw and feral with a mix of vocal styles and shifts in tone.

Diverse and musically impressive, I is a good EP of eerie, atmospheric metal. Recommended for fans of extreme metal.


The Psalm
The Psalm

Track List:

  1. A Mass For the Bereaved

  2. Ascetic

  3. The Mystical Meeting (Rotting Christ cover)

  4. Typhlosis

  5. The Yawning Chasm


Thomas Eremite – Guitars, Vocals

Chris Douglas – Drums

Kolozis P.K. – Bass

Band contact: