QFT-Live in Space

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QFT – Live In Space
Label: Despotz Records
Released: 2018
Rating:  3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

This is a pretty neat little project.  QFT stands for Quantum Field Theory and this is the new side-project of Linnea Vikstrom.  This came out in May of 2018 and kind of flew under my radar until now.

Originally intended to be a fun little EP the project grew in stature until the band recorded their full-length debut; 10 tracks spanning about 45 minutes.  My immediate reaction was to sort of compare this band to the Star One project,  but this is more based around science, more specifically quantum physics, rather than Science Fiction tales.   This seems to have evolved out of her short-lived Paralydium Project from a few years back.

These Swedes have pit together quite a diverse range of styles and songs, aimed at showcasing he range and style of vocalist Linnea. In these well-produced songs there is some heavier, more epic stuff, some poppier Power Metal styles and a good range of tempos as well.  She has a wonderful voice, hitting highs and lows with ease and throw in some pretty decent screams too!   I saw her song while on tour with Kamelot and she is a real talent.

Her band is comprised of some veteran dudes, specifically three guys who were at one time or another (or still are) in Dynazty. Musically it runs a bit of a gambit and according to the band they threw in some elements of Black Sabbath, Van Halen and even pop music!   Throw all of this in a blender, some acoustic guitar, some synthesizers, and you have a really nice diverse album, but held together by a common thread of progressive songwriting and symphonic elements.

An interesting point that ties in with the title is that LIVE IN SPACE was actually recorded live in the studio.  In a digital age where many songs are put together on a lap-top by a guy who has a degree in computer science, it’s nice to hear a band get together and jam it out and just hit ‘record’.    That does not mean that the sound is poor or the recording is loose, it’s actually very well done and tight, not sloppy at all which is a testament to the quality of the musicians.

Don’t make the mistake I made and let this little gem slip by unnoticed.   LIVE IN SPACE brilliant debut effort.



1. End of the Universe
2. Big Bang
3. Black Hole
4. QFT
5. Aliens
6. Time
7. Quasar
8. Light Speed
9. Live in Space
10. Joga

Line Up:

Linnea Vikstrom- Vocals
Mano Lewys- Guitar
Jonathan Olsson – Bass
George Egg – Drums