Insignium – Infamie und Urgewalt – Wenn Altes sich erhebt

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Reviewed: September, 2018
Released: 2018, Apostasy Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Owen Thompson

Thirteen years is certainly a long time between releases, but German miscreants Insignium have seen fit to unleash their second malevolent opus of Teutonic Schwarze Metal upon us. It’s dripping with frigid darkness, and so far into the BM underground that it shuns the light of day. But is it any good?

The black mass commences with “Nach Dem Krieg”, a venomous racket that sounds like a creeping barrage of heavy artillery. It is an effective beginning. This is soon followed by “Den Mahren Zum Fraße”, a pitch dark tune of savage intensity and earworm melodies. After such a strong beginning it is a slight disappointment that “Unter Meinen Fahren” is a bit on the dull side. Although it is gigantic in scope, it says very little and just does not stay interesting.

Thankfully, the band regain form with “Vulva Stelloris II – Klitorale Kukophonie”. Displaying more velocity than the previous tracks, this is still a tuneful romp, and you don’t need to understand German to grasp the band’s carnal intentions here. Baleful and spirited forces are unleashed with “Das Letzte Geleit”, but they again fall into boring territory with “All Ihr Weiber (Hexenprobe)”, which tries to be vibrant and anthemic but ends up sounding cheesy. Thankfully the day is saved with the spectacular “Zu Schwarzer Flamme”. Stately and majestic, this is huge in the way that Gods and Demons are thought to be.

This is a solid effort by a clearly talented group, but alas it is a little inconsistent. The riffing is dark, rich, atonal and highly melodic; in some ways, it is almost too “nice” to be BM. It certainly doesn’t come across as grim or kvlt. It is also a bit mundane in places, which is a shame because when it is good it is grand, and a pleasure to listen to. Maybe the band’s extended hiatus dulled their creativity a little.



  1. Nach Dem Krieg

  2. Den Mahren Zum Fraße

  3. Unter Meinen Fahren

  4. Vulva Stelloris II – Klitorale Kukophonie

  5. Das Letzte Geleit

  6. All Ihr Weiber (Hexenprobe)

  7. Zu Schwarzer Flamme

Band Line Up:

Svartis – Bass
Shoggoth – Guitar/Vocals
Apollyon – Guitar/Vocals
Ralle – Drums