Eyes of the Living – War On Dead

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September 2018
Released: February 2017 / Self-Release (Beowolf Productions)
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Man, I just wrote a review on a different thrash band. One that I couldn’t seem to get enough of and then I come to these guys. Eyes of the Living are a thrash band from Philadelphia, PA. Only forming in 2016, this album was actually released in 2017.

WAR ON DEAD from what I can gather is a conceptual album about zombies. Zombies are a subject that is still not a boring topic after all these years, and definitely not the first full-album to feature such vermin.

What these guys offer is an exceptional sounding album that is of the highest of quality. There was some production dollars well spent here. Either that or these guys are just this good. They are actually.

Eyes of the Living deliver a brand of thrash that while overall is pretty much in-your-face and to-the-point, is also fueled by a bit of power metal, and maybe a bit of early Maiden. Not much, but enough to set their sound apart from the masses. It is a familiar yet fresh sound that I cannot quite pinpoint at this moment.

The influence infused into Eyes of the Living’s music seems to be endless. Watch the video here and decide for yourself. That is if you think you can handle making room for a new favorite band. Well done guys. Your love of all things metal is evident in WAR ON DEAD.


1. Count the Days
2. Run for Your Life
3. Infected
4. Hell on Earth
5. Interlude (Aftermath)
6. Chemical Bath
7. Stench of Death
8. Pull the Trigger
9. Interlude (They Got Rick)
10. I Am Alone
11. War on Dead
12. What Is Left for the Dead
13. Survival
14. Outro (Contamination)
Tim Swisher – Vocals / Guitar
Chris Moore – Bass / Backing Vocals
Mike Straiton – Lead Guitar
Cliff Fritts – Drums