Dug Pinnick-Naked

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Artist:  Dug Pinnick

Title: Naked

Year: 2013

Label: Rock Army Records

Rating:  3.5/5

Reviewer:  JP


King’s X has always been one of those bands appreciated, admired and enjoyed by many Metal fans, although the band themselves may not be ‘Metal’ in the strictest sense of the term.  A number of staff here at MR (myself included) like the band and since they just announced (as of time of writing) that they are working on a new studio album, their first one in about a decade, and there is a new book about King’s X coming as well.   I thought this was as good a time as any to do a little King’s X type spotlight.  I’ll review the new Doug Pinnick book and a Dug solo album. I happened to be on a bit of a King’s X kick this summer and while I was reading the new Doug biography I stumbled across one of his solo albums from 2013.

NAKED  is Dug’s fourth solo album, and as such it is still over five years old now.  There is not much in the way of packaging or frills, it is one of those annoying slim-line, eco-wallet things, without a booklet or liner notes or pictures.  Even the cover art is boring, but as the title implies it is a stripped down release. The whole presentation seems pretty budget, but it is nice to at least have a physical copy in my library.

On the positive side, as one might expect, the musicianship, performances and production are top-notch. Unfortunately, the CD doesn’t really say who performs what but the performances are rock solid and loaded with his signature groove.  Maybe he did everything on this album, who knows?    Overall it is pretty rocking album that would please any fan of his other work.  Some of the standout cuts to me are ‘Speeding Love,’ The Great Big Thing’ and ‘Heart Attack’. After reading his biography, some of the lyrics, especially those of the song, ‘If You Fuk Up’ the words seem really poignant and heartfelt.  The song seems to tell of his personal experiences and it was made my listening experience more intimate for having known the story of his life.

I’ll admit that when King’s X went into hiatus I wasn’t following Pinnick’s solo career very closely and admittedly it was a quieter decade for him, but I’m glad I got this solo album and I’m going to seek out the others. NAKED will appeal to his loyal fans and to fans of solid Hard rock in general. This is a little gem that probably should have got more attention than it did.

Track listing:

1. What You’re Gonna Do
2. If U Fuk Up
3. Speeding Love
4. Courage
5. Ain’t That Truth
6. That Great Big Thing
7. The Point
8. Take Me Away From You
9. I Hope I don’t Lose My Mind
10. Heart Attack
11. I’m Not Gonna Freak Out