Blaze Bayley -The Redemption Of William Black Infinite-Entanglement Part III

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Blaze Bayley – The Redemption Of William Black Infinite-Entanglement Part III
Year: 2018
Label:Blaze Bayley Recordings
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer:  JP

At last we come to the conclusion of The Infinite Entanglement Trilogy!  Please feel free to read the reviews of the first two albums in this cool little series.
I feel that more and more bands are going to use these fan-funding / pledge campaign methods to build their base and manufacture physical product.  Blaze is becoming a master of this as these three albums are all really well done.   The CD comes with a slipcase, huge booklet with full credits and artwork and list of contributors.

I recently had a nice opportunity to quietly listen to all three albums in the trilogy on a solo road trip . It was great, burning down the highway of rock in a rural area on a sunny day and I could absorb the whole series and hear the cliff-hanging finale for the first time THE REDEMPTION OF WILLIAM BLACK. The undisturbed scenario is important in my opinion for these concept albums because the listener can really concentrate and listen to the lyrics, follow the storyline, hear the sound-effects and narration. Concept albums by their very nature need more focus than ‘just’ a collection of songs.

The third part is much like the rest, solid Metal, great narration and sound-effects, intriguing and engaging plot-line, intelligent lyrics and tons of guest stars.  Musically this finale is interchangeable, (and that is not a negative point) no major changes in personnel, production style or song-writing style, just awesome, sleek Metal. If anything, it is slightly more uplifting than Part Two by design; it seems a touch fate, maybe a bit more double-kick drumming and faster cuts overall.

THE REDEMPTION OF WILLIAM BLACK is a fitting conclusion to this excellent series.   Blaze has really started to define himself as writing about Sci-Fi over the past several years, (SILICON MESSIAH, TENTH DIMENSION etc) I wonder what next musical adventure he will take us on?


Track listing:

1. Redeemer
2. Are You Here
3. Immortal One
4. The First True Sign
5. Human Eyes
6. Prayers of Light
7. 18 Days
8. Already Won
9. Life Goes On
10. The Dark Side of Black
11. Eagle Spirit

Line Up:

Blaze Bayley – vocals
Chris Appleton – guitars, backing vocals
Karl Schramm – bass, backing vocals
Martin McNee – drums 


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