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The new instrumental solo album from Toby Knapp, “Blizzard Archer”, is finished. The album was mastered by world renowned producer Brett Hansen at Audio Art Studios in Las Vegas (Brett engineered Knapp’s first album “Guitar Distortion” and co-produced/engineered Onward’s “Reawaken” in addition to working on the music of Borknagar, BB King, Goatlord, Autopsy, Moonspell, Unleashed, Grave, Shrapnel Records and Century Media releases).

The guitarist comments; “I’ve been with Moribund Records for a long time with Godless Rising, Waxen and Where Evil Follows. I really wanted to do an old school, 80’s styled instrumental/neo-classical album and I asked Odin Thompson (Moribund Records President) if he would be interested in releasing it. He loved the idea and signed me as an instrumental guitar/solo artist in addition to the contracts I also have running with the label for my other projects. I’ll be in my fifties by the time I fulfill my contracts, which is great!”

Knapp also commented on what to expect musically; “This album is actually meant to be fun rather than a pissing contest. I tried to utilize the production techniques of the 80’s with lots of reverb on drums and traditional guitar tuning. I was really thinking about an “air guitar” album for non players, something they would enjoy, catchy solos in the style of George Lynch, Akira Takasaki, John Norum, all the original Mercyful Fate and King Diamond guitarists, and of course some of the early guitarists from the mid-eighties Shrapnel Records era. I like making homage themed albums.”

Tentative worldwide release date for Toby Knapp’s “Blizzard Archer” is January 2019 via Moribund Records.

A rough mix, unmastered sample from the album is available here:

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