Opprobrium (Incubus) – Supernatural Death

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August 2018
Released: August 31st, 2018 / Brutal Records
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine


Opprobrium is a band that has been around for some time now. Originally formed back in 1986 in New Orleans by brothers Francis and Moyses with Scot LaTour, they went by the name Incubus. From what I can gather and due to a decade long hiatus, there was another Incubus that had gained international famed with that name. Rather than getting into an expensive legal battle, our Incubus here felt it would be easier to just change their name.

So Opprobrium was probably the first band to successfully combine the death and thrash metal genres into something golden. What we have here is a newly remastered version of many of their classic tracks from the early days. So to say this is an old-school sounding thrash album is evident as all the tracks are basically remastered and span most of their early works as well as a few demo versions.

For the bands fans of old, there is nothing to worry about when you hear the term ‘remastered’ as they do keep true to the raw edginess in which they were known for back in the day. I am glad too. I like my thrash a bit rawer and dirty sounding so to speak. Not that polished thrash is bad, it is just one of those things that as a thrash fan, especially an old fuck like me, has come to respect/expect from bands of this genre.

Opprobrium’s brand of blackened death thrash was at the time way ahead of the game when considering the timing of their first releases. For whatever reasons, PR, the label or whatnot, Opprobrium never really took off to the heights they should of. That was good for many other bands of the time cause from what I can tell here, if they had the proper outing as they should have, they would have crushed a lot of the competition of the time.

All the tracks are very catchy and fast as hell. Knowing the timing of these tracks makes it all the more impressive as these guys were innovators of their craft. With that being said, now I must look at other bands that followed and used their recipe and craft to excel in the genre.

Sure this is a 30 anniversary of the band, and I am glad that someone decided to do a re-release of these classic tracks. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a new favorite album to listen to. Opprobrium are still out there playing and creating new music so this is a wakeup call to all of us metalheads to get behind a great (maybe new) yet classic thrash band that deserves the attention of all. All hail the SUPERNATURAL DEATH machine!

1. The Battle Of Armageddon
2. Voices From The Grave
3. Blaspheming Prophets
4. Underground Killer
5. Serpent Temptation
6. Hunger For Power
7. Blind Vengeance
8. Sadistic Sinner
9. Rigor Mortis
10. Cataleptic
11. Hell’S Fire
12. Assault
13. Incubus
14. Death
15. Curse Of The Damned City
16. Fear Of The Unknown

Francis M. Howard – Guitars
Scott Latour – Bass, Vocals
Moyses M. Howard – Drums