Manowar-Hell On Earth III (DVD Review)

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Band: Manowar
Title:  Hell On Earth III (DVD)
Label:  SPV
Date:  2003
Date Reviewed:  August 2018
Reviewer:  JP
Rating:  5/5

The Return of Manowar video review series.

By sheer coincidence, the very same day that I learned that Manowar had announced a new studio album for 2019 was the same day that a special package arrived in the mail for me, containing five Manowar Double DVD’s. To celebrate this joyous news I’m going to do quick reviews of all of them this month.

I reviewed HELL ON EARTH PART I on this site back in 2002  (click here to read) and this month I’ll review the following…





(Bonus review) THE ABSOLUTE POWER (2006)

Manowar really did rule the 2000’s. Some fans felt the last couple of studio albums were not as strong and some critics suggested the band sort of fizzled out with a Live EP in 2013, a re-make album (which I loved by the way), a half-hearted ‘Final Battle’ retirement tour announcement and a giant fantasy concept album series/video game that never truly materialized. Now we can hope that the Kings Of Metal will return perhaps for what could be one last killer album.  Until then, feel free to enjoy all the reviews in this series; a total combined watching time of 1575 minutes or just over 26 hours!  This much Manowar should tide you over until the new album arrives in 2019.

One last fair warning.  I’m an unapologetic, unabashed and proud Manowar fan, they are likely my favourite band of all time, so I’m not really making an effort to be unbiased or overly critical. To me all of these DVD’s are perfect and I’ve given them all perfect scores in terms of execution, presentation, packaging, camera quality, audio quality, ease of navigating menus, animation, sequencing, pace, quantity of material, bonus features…to me the HELL ON EARTH series set the standard by which all bands should be judged when releasing a DVD.  Here we go!

Just one short year after HOE II, Manowar return with Part III! It is a nice double, fold-out digipak DVD housing the two discs and it is their second longest DVD set clocking in at just under five and half hours.  Good value!  This one covers the WARRIORS OF THE WORLD tour cycle and like the rest of the DVD’s in the series is a road movie.  We get medium to high quality clips from across their stronghold of Europe. There are a number of generous bonus features, a highlight for me being the Nessun Dorma story how that came about.  One of my favourite chapters is ‘Alexander The Great’ were the band is hosted by what seems to be some sort of Eastern Europe warlord-type at his heavily guarded estate complete with exotic cars, expensive gifts, beautiful young women lying around and a pet tiger!

Disc Two has the entire Ringfest concert, multi-camera, multi-screen. It was sort of a weird outdoor concert on the streets of the city, just packed in between buildings.   Another major highlight is that for the first time all the Manowar videos, to date are collected on this DVD.  They even have the ‘Secrets Of Steel’ mini-documentary which I believe only appeared originally on the SECRETS OF STEEL box-set on VHS. It is about 15 minutes and it really is alike a primitive precursor to the whole HELL ON EARTH  series to come years later.

Even more bonus features follow with a bunch of ‘making of’ documentaries for most of the videos. Lastly we get yet another documentary about Ringfest itself.   This DVD is exhaustive!    I think HOE III might be my favourite, I’m not sure, maybe just for no other reason than there seem to be more boobs flashed in this one than the other ones in the series…who knows?   Manowar rules!

DVD 1 Chapters:

– Introduction
– Brazil / Manowar
– France
– Spain
– Czech Republic
– Holland
– Fighting The World
– Austria
– Switzerland
– Sweden (Part 1)
– Portugal
– Heart Of Steel
– Evil Eclipse
– Germany
– Belgium
– Greece
– Italy

– Kings Of Metal
– Duel Of The Titans
– Hail And Kill
– Nessun Dorma
– Return Of The Warlord
– Monsters Of The Millenium
– Denmark
– Sweden (Part 2)
– Gates Of Valhalla
– Finland
– Estonia
– Russia
– Brothers Of Metal & Sisters Of Steel
– Credits

DVD 1 Bonus:

– Black Wind Fire And Steel
– Herz Aus Stahl
– March For Revenge
– Wheels Of Fire
– Alexander The Great
– France
– Moments In Time
– Friends
– Moments Of Truth
– Nessun Dorma, The Story
– Wildlife

DVD 2 Chapters:

– Introduction
– Manowar
– Kings Of Metal
– Eric’s Speech
– Herz aus Stahl
– Evil Eclipse
– Warriors Of The World United
– Kill With Power
– House Of Death
– Joey’s Speech
– Black, Wind, Fire And Steel
– The Crown And The Ring

Video Collection:

– Gloves Of Metal
– Blow Your Speakers
– Metal Warriors (Live)
– Return Of The Warlord
– Courage (Live)
– Warriors Of The World United
– I Believe
– Gloves Of Metal (Special Edition)
– Secrets Of Steel (Rockumentary)

DVD 2 Bonus:

– The Making Of ‘Gloves Of Metal’
– The Making Of ‘Gloves Of Metal’ Special Edition
– The Making Of ‘Blow Your Speakers’
– The Making Of ‘Return Of The Warlord’
– Fire, Ice & Gasoline (The Making Of ‘Warriors Of The World United’)
– The Making Of ‘I Believe’
– The Warrior’s Prayer
– Ringfest Documentary

Technical specifications:

* Double DVD in a special package
* Sound: 5.1 Sorround Sound / 2.0
* Format: DVD9
* Country Code: All Regions
* Duration: Approx. 5:20 Hrs.
* Subtitles: English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Czech and Russian