Manowar-Hell on Earth II (DVD Review)

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Band: Manowar
Title:  Hell On Earth II (DVD)
Label:  SPV
Date:  2002
Date Reviewed:  August 2018
Reviewer:  JP
Rating:  5/5

The Return of Manowar video review series.

By sheer coincidence, the very same day that I learned that Manowar had announced a new studio album for 2019 was the same day that a special package arrived in the mail for me, containing five Manowar Double DVD’s. To celebrate this joyous news I’m going to do quick reviews of all of them this month.

I reviewed HELL ON EARTH PART I on this site back in 2002  (click here to read) and this month I’ll review the following…





(Bonus review) THE ABSOLUTE POWER (2006)

Manowar really did rule the 2000’s. Some fans felt the last couple of studio albums were not as strong and some critics suggested the band sort of fizzled out with a Live EP in 2013, a re-make album (which I loved by the way), a half-hearted ‘Final Battle’ retirement tour announcement and a giant fantasy concept album series/video game that never truly materialized. Now we can hope that the Kings Of Metal will return perhaps for what could be one last killer album.  Until then, feel free to enjoy all the reviews in this series; a total combined watching time of 1575 minutes or just over 26 hours!  This much Manowar should tide you over until the new album arrives in 2019.

One last fair warning.  I’m an unapologetic, unabashed and proud Manowar fan, they are likely my favourite band of all time, so I’m not really making an effort to be unbiased or overly critical. To me all of these DVD’s are perfect and I’ve given them all perfect scores in terms of execution, presentation, packaging, camera quality, audio quality, ease of navigating menus, animation, sequencing, pace, quantity of material, bonus features…to me the HELL ON EARTH series set the standard by which all bands should be judged when releasing a DVD.  Here we go!

In terms of packaging, this DVD is the dark horse of the series, in terms of presentation.   It is the only one without the title HELL ON EARTH, it appears just as a sub-title, under the main title FIRE AND BLOOD. In addition this is the only DVD in the Hell On Earth series that does not feature the band demon mascot dude on the front art.  The graphics seem a little dated by today’s standards, this was done almost 20 years ago but for the time the animation, fire and explosions were (and still are) pretty damn cool.

The main feature of this two DVD set is the two-hour long road documentary covering their 1998 Hell On Stage European tour.  The road movie consists of clips from a whole bunch of countries and the usual assortment of backstage and onstage craziness, interviews and footage.  It really gives you a feel for being on the road. The whole thing is a big montage of clips and flows along very nicely.  The bonus features are also pretty neat, most interesting to me was the studio footage of Eric Adams learning to sing French for the French version of Courage.

Disc Two is the first Manowar concert captured in it’s entirety, namely the Blood In Brazil show in 1998 in Sao Paulo.  There is an intro segment that runs about 10 minutes with a some hotel footage, backstage footage, soundcheck footage and interviews with some of the crew.  In true Manowar fashion everything is over the top!    The concert itself is a little over an hour and bands runs through 14 songs much to the delight of the pretty massive Brazilian crowd who sing along to everything as they tend to do!  It is a multi-camera shoot with good clear sound and a nice mix of close-up’s, aerial shots and wide shorts.  We are treated to a DeMaio bass solo (Sting Of The BumbleBee) and some decent in-between song monologues and audience participation, including the segment where they bring a fan on stage to play with the band. All in all another killer Manowar show!

The bonus material on Disc Two includes two clips from Ringfest, an ‘alternate version’ of ‘Sign Of The Hammer’ and full-length interviews with the people who were featured in the opening segment. All the bonus stuff adds up to a respectable hour long and a treat for the true fans and the gear-heads who want to learn more about the gear. All in all this whole thing is pretty damn impressive!

Chapters: Hell On Earth Part II

– This Is Heavy Metal
– Blood Of The Kings
– France
– Voulez Vous
– Belgium
– Bridge Of Death
– Switzerland
– Guyana (Cult Of The Damned)
– Germany Part I
– Hatred
– Germany Part II
– March For Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)
– Germany Part III
– The Gods Made Heavy Metal
– Czech Republic
– Army Of The Immortals
– Austria
– Hungary
– Master Of The Wind
– Portugal
– Dark Avenger
– Spain
– Battle Hymn
– The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)

Bonus: Hell On Earth Part II

– Thor (The Powerhead) – Murcia, Spain
– French Version Of “Courage”
– Cutting Room Floor
– Band Members
– DVDconnector

Chapters: Blood In Brazil

– Intro
– Manowar
– Metal Daze
– Blood Of My Enemies
– Kill With Power
– Sign Of The Hammer
– Gates Of Valhalla
– Sting Of The Bumblebee
– The Gods Made Heavy Metal
– Metal Warriors
– Kings Of Metal
– The Power
– Hail And Kill
– Black Wind, Fire And Steel
– The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)

Bonus: Blood In Brazil

– Sign Of The Hammer – alternate footage
– Interview with Jeff Hair and John “Dawk” Stillwell
– Interview with Vincent Cecolini
– Warriors Of The World United – Live at the Ringfest – August 17, 2002
– House Of Death – Live at the Ringfest – August 17, 2002
– Monsters Of Rock – Concert Review
– Band Members
– DVDconnector

Technical details

Screen : 4:3 PAL
Sound : 2.0/5.1 surround sound
Country code : all regions
Duration : DVD 1 appr. 130 min. / DVD 2 appr. 145 min.
Subtitles : English – German – French – Spanish – Italian – Swedish – Portugese