Droid – Terrestrial Mutations

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Reviewed: August 2018
Released: August 10th, 2018 / Shadow Kingdom Records
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Canada’s latest export Droid is set to unleash their debut full-length to the masses. And boy is it an album that is full of mayhem and a fury like no other. Okay, maybe a few others, but not that I’ve had the honor of listening to.

The power-trio delivers some of the best technically proficient progressive thrash I’ve ever heard. Or enjoyed for that matter. None the less, TERRESTRIAL MUTATIONS is a 57 minute ride into the outer reaches of all things that make me a fan of heavy metal. After you give this one a listen, you are going to agree.

Like them or not, as we all have our own tastes and opinions, there is no denying the sheer talent and musicianship that Droid have to offer. The tracks are all very well written and structured with the precision of a fine Swiss watch maker. I also enjoy that fact that the songs have some length to them. This is not something everyone seems to enjoy with most bands. It could be the listener’s inability to stay focused for more than 3 to 4 minutes at a time, but for me when you have a great song you enjoy you do not want it to end. Such is the case with Droid as they do have several tracks that are well over the 6 minute mark.

Not a side by side comparison, but throughout I can hear sounds that remind me of Coroner, Vektor, Lost Society and Vindication. From the heavy thrash to the technical progressive and melodicism, I kid you not this album has it all.


1. Amorphous Forms (Shapeless Shadows) 
2. Suspended Animation
3. Abandoned Celestial State
4. Terrestrial Mutation
5. Pain of Reincarnation
6. Temptations of Terminal Progress
7. Cosmic Debt
8. Excommunicated
9. Mission Drift
Sebastian Alcamo – Drums
Jacob Montgomery – Vocals, Guitars
Michael Gabor – Bass