Nightwish – Lahti Finland, July 21 2018

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Nightwish is a somewhat rarely seen act on Finnish soil. However, the symphonic metallers usually do play a few gigs every year in Finland. Those shows are always totally packed. This specific gig, like their recent tour, was not focusing on a new album but one a wide range of career-spanning songs from over different decades. As usual, the beautiful park was full of Nightwish fans. The domestic band Beast In Black, and Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus provided suitable warm-up bands for Nightwish. made a visit to witness this spectacular show of Nightwish –Check out tons of pics of the show.

The new rising metal act Beast In Black have conquered the domestic market and gained a huge following in other countries. The band’s dance-techno influenced heavy metal is catchy, mellow, and funny. The material definitely has a  humouristic aspect. The band has toured extensively so far during this summer. Obviously the singer has brutality abused his voice at several shows, because of he occasionally sounded quite raspy. It would be about time for Beast In Black to focus on the European market more and more. The Domestic metal field has been covered during this summer.

Timo Rautiainen and Trio Niskalaukaus is a Finnish rock band with their lyrics written and sung in Finnish. The lyrics deal with Finnish mentality, and depression, and of course the singer is very outspoken to express his opinions about state of the world and how he views different things.  Niskalaukaus has a loyal, and even a bit of a fanatical following in Finland. That could be witnessed in the response and the reactions from the audience. The singer’s father-like speeches between songs created a mellow feeling and atmosphere and led the audience enjoy the songs of Niskalaukaus. Even the music is from time-to-time quite heavy, yet it is catchy and has a lot of hooks.

The music of Nightmare is so bombastic, beautiful, and dramatic that it appeals to all kinds of individuals and personalities. Extreme metal fans wearing Behemoth shirts could be pointed out in the crowd, along with grandparents, parents with young kids, and of course a whole bunch of rock and metal fans. The audience make-up shows that the music of Nightwish brings all kinds of music lovers and people together at their shows. That’s definitely fabulous and absolutely amazing.

Tuomas Holopainen is a pure genius as for creating such magnificent songs that appeal to people of different ages and different kinds of music tastes. Seeing kids in the front row, who were not even born when the first Nightwish album was released over 20 years ago is truly beyond expectations, but gives hope. The young generation still respects and values good live music.

The show lasted for 120 minutes and provided a huge journey into the world and the mind of Tuomas Holopainen. A great deal of magical songs were started by Troy Donockley’s intro welcoming the crowd to follow and enjoy the show. After Troy Donockley had finished the intro and exited the stage, “End Of All Hope” blasted out of the monitors. The sounds weren’t balanced at the beginning at all, as guitars and the keyboards couldn’t be heard that well. Obviously there were some problems in the sound as Marco Hietala expressed his opinion about the quality to the soundcrew.

Even though the sounds were quite rough at the beginning, they definitely improved and the show became more and more bombastic and dizzying. Surprisingly the volume level was so low that there was no need to use earplugs.  The rules set by the city of Lahti doesn’t allow festivals to increase the volume level that much.

The whole band was in an absolute fine mood and performed great for the whole gig. Floor Jansen’s voice sounded angelic and splendid.  Despite a few minor problems to stay on the note in the high parts, which could hardly be noticed. She is such a phenomenal and amazing singer, being able to handle the most challenging Nightwish songs. Of course Marco Hietala shared the parts of the songs as his voice is definitely the trademark for the Nightwish sound. Tuomas Holopainen, the mastermind himself, was the real wizard behind the keyboards, creating the symphonic elements.

The massive setlist could be considered the best of the best of songs picked up from various albums. The newer material didn’t have the strongest role in the set with two songs from the latest ENDLESS FORMS… were on the list. All in all, Nightwish played 20 songs from eight different releases. Even a couple of songs from their debut album were played – “Carpenter” and “Elvenpath”.  Songs from the second album OCEANBORN played an important role in the set. That album in particular catapulted the band to immense success and created the trademark and beloved Nightwish sound.

The gig had a couple of special guests. For example, the former Turisas accordist Netta Skog did an unexpected visit to the stage for “Wishmaster”. The song had been re-arranged to work fine for the accordion. The execution with the accordion sounded interesting and refreshing.  The audience went totally nuts when Netta Skog played “Wishmaster”. The former Finntroll frontman, Wilska, visited the stage a couple of times, partaking in two songs. The audience without any doubts passionately and eagerly waited for “Nemo”. That song is one of the biggest and well–known songs among the rock audience.

The greatest part of the show was the 30 minute long “The Greatest Show On The Earth”. The song itself is so dramatic and huge that it was quite weird it had been chosen for the show. No matter for the execution for the song with the amazing graphics was totally mind-blowing. The visuals of the earth, land erosion, the sea, global warming, DNA figures, nature, etc were reflected on the screen of the stage. Those aspects brought the song to an entirely new level.  Hopefully the audience figured out the meaning of those videos and graphics related to the song.

Summa summarium Nightwish offered a huge and one of the most spectacular shows on earth. Their gigs are known for having massive visual aspects and the music with the bombastic and symphonic elements are bigger than life. Tuomas Holopainen’s imagination and visualization gift to execute gigs with such high production is truly phenomenal. Nightwish can’t be hated, just adoring and admiring.


Intro (Swanheart performed by Troy Donockley)

End of All Hope

Wish I Had an Angel

10th Man Down(with Tapio Wilska)

Come Cover Me



Sacrament of Wilderness

Deep Silent Complete

Dead Boy’s Poem

Elvenjig([traditional] cover)


I Want My Tears Back

Wishmaster(with Netta Skog)

The Carpenter

The Kinslayer

Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean(with Tapio Wilska)


Slaying the Dreamer

The Greatest Show on Earth (Chapter I: Four Point Six; Chapter II: Life; Chapter III: The Toolmaker)

Ghost Love Score

The Greatest Show on Earth (Chapter IV: The Understanding; Chapter V: Sea-Worn Driftwood) (Song played from tape)