Toby Knapp posts guitar videos after tendonitis recovery

Toby Knapp
Toby Knapp
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Former Onward/Affliktor guitarist Toby Knapp has posted three videos to youtube after recovering from a recent bout with left hand tendonitis. The guitarist explains:

“I overdid it on the instrument in the last few years by pushing to record three or four albums a year back to back and I never rested my hands and I played through the pain. In the middle of all the recording and rehearsing I did an hour long unaccompanied instrumental guitar performance and the next day my hand just went numb. After five months I made a full recovery, but that required getting completely healthy. I go to the gym, I changed my diet and some other things because I realized you need to keep in shape to be your best at whatever you do.”

Knapp also comments on returning to teach guitar full time:

“I realized teaching guitar is a big part of what I was meant to do. I had done it for a living in the past but became burnt out. These days it’s a lot more important to me because my attitude has changed, probably because I’m a little older. I want every single student to walk away from their lesson in a good mood and with new knowledge. I stress about it, it’s highly individualized but these days it is so much more rewarding. The whole musician mentality for me has changed because nothing is taken for granted anymore.”

The guitarist recently posted three guitar warm up videos to youtube to document and share his recovery. The guitarist offers this advice to other musicians; “If you practice and play rigorously then you need to spend the same amount of time resting your hands. It’s just like going to the gym and breaking muscles down and then resting and eating right to build them back up. You can’t be hunched over the guitar eight hours a day drinking soda.”

Video #1 Toby Knapp 2018 rehearsal.

Video #2 Toby Knapp rehearsal #2 2018

Video #3 Toby Knapp 2018 rehearsal #3


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