Ten Great Reasons to Visit Bloodstock 2018

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With just 4 weeks to go until Bloodstock Festival opens its gates for 2018, Metal-Rules’s UK Team have compiled a list of 10 great reasons to pay the country’s biggest Metal fest a visit; other than the incredible lineup.

Tickets are still on sale and can be purchased from the website here.

1. There’s Something for Everyone

Bloodstock prides itself as a festival ‘by the fans, for the fans!’ And this year a wide range of genres will be blasting their heftinessfrom every stage. If you want something classic or thrilling then check out metal veterans Judas Priest on Friday evening, or Doro on the
Sophie Lancaster stage.


Want something more extreme? Well Norwegian Black Metal classics Emperor will be ready and waiting to reign terror or you can check out the Death Metal bulwark Cannibal Corpse on Saturday – a band capable of turning whole crowds into a mosh. There’s even symphonic and melodic metal with headliners Nightwish or Pirate bards Alestorm if what you’re really after is a long, happy weekend of drinks and partying.

If you like your metal to be atmospheric, then the Sophie Lancaster stage really is the place for you! Black Metal bards A Forest of Stars will take you on a soothing journey on Saturday or for the Doom lovers there’s Pallbearer ready to close the weekend with some deep chords  that’ll make your bones shiver.

Whatever your taste in Metal is, you won’t be disappointed. Over 100 bands will be ready and waiting to give you a weekend to remember this August.


2. Veggies and Meat Lovers Welcome

Every festival attracts people from all walks of life, and that includes people of all diets and taste. Metal is a global thing for all so Bloodstock is well prepared with stalls offering a versatile range of vegetarian or vegan foods. Perfect Spud is a place to go if you love baked potatoes served in a gourmet fashion, or if you want something meat free why not try The Wandering Veggie stall, serving some delicious alternatives to the regular meat dish.

And for those of us who bring our own food but would love a nice little snack between bands, why not visit Big C’s Catering Mac N Cheese for something tasty and comforting to keep you going til the next act comes on. The Burrito Boys are just one of many meat snack stalls dotted about the festival for those who want something juicy and hearty.


3. There’s More Than Just Music

If you’ve come to Bloodstock to indulge in more than just your favourite music, why not do some shopping. Want to top up your Metal merchandise then check out Goddess for all the latest accessories. Looking for some new jewellery? Suay will have a stall offering some unique jewels and bits and bobs you won’t find on your high street.

Or if you came for more than just musical entertainment, then check out some of the acts available to the Serpent’s Lair if you’ve bought a VIP ticket. The Pop Up Puppet Cinema is just one of the kind around this weekend. Imagine Punch and Judy meets Hollywood if you like puppetry and entertainment based on your favourite films.

Watch them here reenacting sci-fi classic Back To The Future:


Past sideshows have included fully armed and bloodthirsty battle reenactments from medieval history or the viking times. Want to pump your blood up before a band like Sellsword? Check out the guys and girls who’ll be bashing each other up in the main arena.

Battles Fought @ BOA 2016


4. Some Very Metal Art Galleries

If you’re and art lover as well as a metalhead, then you’ve got the best of both worlds. Bloodstock founder and artist: Paul Raymond Gregory has created an onsite RAM gallery which this year showcases Judas Priest‘s artwork.

Judas Priest’s ‘British Steel’ Guitar

Want to see how the band progressed over the years, then come over and check out the artwork for classics like ‘British Steel’ or the ‘Angel V’ guitar.

Other exhibits are soon to follow but for now the art of a founding Metal act is on offer to please those of us who love more than just
the sound of a band.


5. Fiery Cabaret Acts

If you fancy something hot and different to the bands, check out Pyrohex, a fiery, sexy pyrotechnic performance group who will be blazing away  alongisde friday’s main stage group Wednesday 13. Their ranks swell with veteran performers such as world renowned showgirl Dani Divine.


Something to let you know Bloodstock isn’t all about musical performers.


6. Places to Relax

Want to have a nice relaxing sit down then you’re more than spoilt for choice. As well as having some very comfortable campsites that can accomodate thousands of happy festvial revellers, Bloodstock has numerous bars and tents selling good drinks and other trinkets to
guarantee a relaxing weekend.

The Camel’s Sheesha is just one of many cafes or outlets ready to offer a relaxation station for the metalheads who like to take a break from partying every now and again.


7. Easy Access for Disabled Fans

Being an all inclusive festival, Bloodstock has parking and camping areas for disabled punters.

Sadly all spaces for diabled people are now fully booked, according to the website but if you want to make any enquiries about carer tickets or anything similar feel free to contact them: enquiry@bloodstock.uk.com

Or contact by post: Disabled Access, Bloodstock, 54 Arundel Drive, Spondon, Derby, DE21 7QW.

For all disabled metalheads, you will certainly be looked after with the easy access Bloodstock offers people to get around the campsite and arena. You won’t be dismayed.

8. A Safe Space for All

Bloodstock is a safe space where anyone and everyone can celebrate their united love for metal. And with that inclusion comes respect and safety. The festival employs a strict zero tolerance policy which you can read in full here.

It is the duty of all festivals to keep its revellers safe and happy, so if you come to Bloodstock this year and feel unsafe at all, there will always be staff and security available at all hours.

The best times are done safely and Bloodstock knows how to keep people safe and secure in their fun.


9. VIP Camping for a Quiet Stay

Want to enjoy the weekend and still get a good night’s sleep? Then you need to check out the Serpent’s Lair VIP Camping.

Camping staff will be on hand to offer you ready pitched tents or show you round luxpads or octopads if you want something a little more
comfortable than a tent to sleep in.

Hot showers and a bar with plenty of beers, ciders and wines is also on offer so Bloodstock never faulters in offering the best of the best in hospitality.

Campsite Map


10. Camping Gear Available on Site

If you’ve come to the festival in a hurry or forgot something vital at the last minute, then don’t be dismayed!

Fat Frank’s Camping Shop is situated in Midgard campsite offering everything from new tents to inflatable beds, sleeping bags, rollmats and everything else you need to enjoy a nice sleep under the stars.

Bloodstock wants you all tom be well prepared for the weekend so no matter what you bring or have forgotten, you’ll certainly go home having enjoyed a weekend to remember.

All tickets are on sale here.