Interview with Leah

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Interview with Leah

by JP

Musically what can we expect from the new album, THE QUEST?

This album is more mellow compared to the last one, and yet still embraces heavy parts exactly where they need to be. I still believe that melody is a central part to any song, and I believe the melodies are strong on this album. There are lots of twists and turns, proggy moments, and ethereal backdrops with synthesizers, orchestrations, and lots of lush harmonies.

There are many fan-funded campaigns out there but I noticed yours always deem to be very successful.  What is your secret?

Thank you. For one, I make sure the music is the best I can possibly make it. Without that, nothing will work – supply and demand. 🙂 After that, I really study online marketing. Learning everything I can about business and marketing in the internet age is my other passion, and so I started applying things I learned into my music, and it actually worked. Lots of trial and error in between, but I’m very optimistic for musicians today who are talented, have a real drive, and are willing to increase their skill level in business.

Are you still signed with InnerWound or will this totally be independent?

I have a distribution deal with InnerWound, yet still consider myself 100% independent. I control all the rights to my songs. I really like working with InnerWound – the owner has a true passion for music and we have a great relationship.

All of your albums have such gorgeous artwork.  How did you get in touch with Jan Yrlund?

I just looked him up, and we’ve been working together for the past four years. He’s a really talented guy.

I understand that Eric of Testament is a big fan and supporter.  How did you first come to collaborate professionally?

We met through mutual friends and kept in touch after jamming. We always said we were going to do some kind of project but both of us were always too busy. Recently I sang all the female vocals & choirs on his latest record for his side project, Dragonlord. And he also did the male vocals on Otherworld called Dreamland.

The new album, THE QUEST has quite a few big-name guest stars!  Tell us a bit about who has contributed to your new album.

Troy Donockley from Nightwish played the flutes and pipes and it’s pure magic. Also there’s Barend Courbois of Blind Guardian on bass, Chen Balbus from Orphaned Land on the middle eastern Saz and Oud, then there’s Timo Somers on rhythm & lead guitars from Delain, and Sander Zoer on drums & percussion. It was produced by Oliver Philipps in Germany and mixed & mastered by Jacob Hansen in Denmark.

Being located in Western Canada does that limit your access to fan-base, and industry people?

No, because we have the internet 🙂 I don’t rely on locality for anything I do, and I’m also not a touring artist. Everyone I need to get a hold of has email, a phone, and a Facebook account, so I’m good to go.

Do you plan to shoot a video for the new album?

I don’t have solid plans yet, but would like to. I’m working on choosing the first single now.

I know touring is difficult for you but have you considered doing one-off show at big festivals in Europe for example?

Of course I’ve considered it, however it’s just as much work to put into rehearsing and preparing for one show as it is for ten or 30. You still have to perform at your best. Not only that, I’d have to put a live band together, and the players I’ve had on my album are from all over the world, so I’m not sure how that would work out! For now, I’m not worried about it, but when the time comes the details will come together.

Lastly, how can people get involved with the campaign?

The campaign is over now, but there will be an album pre-sale just before the release! Announcements will be made on and Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere.