Tremonti + The Fallen State @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

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Tremonti + The Fallen State

@ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

29th June 2018

Review By: Ryan Whitwell (London)

Photography by: Gavin Lowrey (Glasgow)

The Fallen State

A really positive vibe for this one at Brixton Academy. Tremonti seem to have hit that sweet spot of older and younger music fans, judging by the crowd tonight. Having not seen them live before I was keen to see what their live show is like. Their latest album, ‘A Dying Machine’ is pretty good, but there is a difference between studio recordings and doing it live.

The Fallen State

Tonight’s support were The Fallen State who kicked things off a bit later than I expected. They’re solid band with a good mix of slower numbers and harder hitting stuff.

It did sound like they were clearly influenced by the likes of Alter Bridge and Creed, which made them a good fit for tonight’s show. The front man mentioned their love for Alter Bridge between songs a bit later into the set, just in case anyone had any doubts. They’ve only been together since 2013 but have already supported some big names like Halestorm and Black Stone Cherry.

A few epic crescendos here and there were well received, even a couple of guys behind me that were talking about Cage the Gods (I guess because that’s who The Fallen State reminded them of) went quiet towards the climaxes of some of the more epic sounding numbers.

The Fallen State


The vocals were on point too, with frontman Ben Stenning belting out every line with meaning.

There was a nice little “woahoh” singalong penultimate song before finishing the set with something nice and fast, burning off that last bit of energy. A good warm up for what was to come.


Tremonti came on stage with no intros, no talking, and no nonsense. They just walked on stage and set the tone with ‘Brains’. Fans were in good voice for the whole set as the singalongs were in full effect. I don’t think they played a song where the crowd didn’t join in. They blazed through the opening numbers of the set and it sounded great. Tonnes of bass and the strobe lights were getting a thorough workout too.

There was plenty of hand clapping during ‘Another Heart’ and ‘You Waste Your Time’. I spotted a few fans up on the balconies at Shepherd’s Bush Empire that were well into it!


We were treated to a live premiere of ‘Traipse’ from the latest album. It’s a great live track and has a lively skater punk vibe at times.

The mood was a happy one, which seemed to get a bit happier when Miles Kennedy popped on stage for about 2 seconds. It was nice to see him supporting his Alter Bridge band mates, but would have been cool if they did a song together. But Miles was on the bill at Shepherd’s Bush tomorrow, so maybe he was saving himself?

So many arms were swaying for ‘Betray Me’. From where I was standing it looked like a wheat field swaying in the wind, if the wheat field was some kind of horrific David Cronenberg style fever dream. The clean vocals really lent themselves to singalong, to which the crowd obliged as they had been the whole night. But I love the great guitar solo in Betray Me, it had a real old school vibe with a natural tone tonight.


There was a good mix of older and newer tracks; ‘So You’re Afraid’ from the early days of Tremonti got a strong response. But ‘Throw Them to the Lions’ seemed like a real winner with the younger fans in attendance, as at this point I noticed a pit had opened up in the middle of the room. It looked pretty energetic too.


I love the intensity of the new songs and the crowd were still going strong too, a solid 90 minutes in with some hard-hitting tracks and the whole building was still well up for it. But we got a well deserved breather as mobile phone lights (and a few lighters) were encouraged for the ballad ‘Dust’. It was a great little moment with the whole happy vibe seemingly culminating and peaking for this number. ‘Dust’ also has an awesome guitar solo!

No encore, (because encores are pointless really) so after saying they don’t do encores the band flew straight into ‘Radical Change’. Oof, that’s some fast-paced, near thrash levels of drumming. Needless to say the pit was back in the game for this one!


They ended the night with ‘Wish You Well’, another high intensity track which is a no-nonsense, straight up, fast and hard finale to a well worked set! Plenty of sweaty bodies were winding out of the venue after this gig, and I’m guessing there will be quite a few sore throats after all the singing too! Great stuff!

Tremonti Setlist:

Another Heart
You Waste Your Time
Traipse (Live Debut)
My Last Mistake
Take You With Me
Betray Me
The Things I’ve Seen
As the Silence Becomes Me
So You’re Afraid
Flying Monkeys
Bringer of War
Throw Them to the Lions
A Dying Machine
Radical Change
Wish You Well