The Flesh – Dweller

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Reviewed: July, 2018
Released: 2018, Self released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Gabor Csete

New bands are always exciting, especially when members are known from other bands. In The Flesh’s case the members are from Herder, Verwoed and Blood Diamond. One night the Dutch guys had had a few which then became a night of heavy drinking, and ended in the decision to make a band with the mission of creating songs in the praise of spiritual, physical and emotional erosion. Well, one doesn’t have to be a scientist to know what kind of music The Flesh plays. I’ll help anyway: it’s black death metal, sometimes with a crusty feeling.

As soon as I got the album in my hand I saw the one and only bad thing about the album: the logo. It’s just crap. On the other hand the cover art is amazing. The painting by Mattias Frisk (he has worked with a lot of bands but the most famous is Ghost – so even people who are into pop rock have seen his art) is beautiful and perfectly fits the title.

There is only one thing better on the album than the cover art, and it’s the music. I can say right now that for me this is one of the best albums in its genre – here we have to mention that 2018 is a good year in extreme music so far – and this debut is better than albums by bands who have been in the business for years. The guys have taken the best things from multiple genres and mixed them together perfectly: they’ve taken the structure of old school death metal and veiled it with the atmosphere and sound of black metal. On top of that somehow they’ve tucked in hints of hardcore, crust and doom into this mix. And it works quite well.

The sound fits perfectly for this sonic experience. It’s as raw as it has to be. Not too dirty, not overproduced. But it makes the whole effort more rotten.

I lied before. There are two negative things about ‘Dweller’. First was the logo (to be honest I can forgive that); the second one is its length. The album is less then 20 minutes. Of seven songs (not counting the download-only bonus, ‘Fire Red Gaze’) only one is longer than 4 minutes; the rest are shorter than 3.

Do yourself a favour: give it a go and listen to it! I promise, if you like extreme metal, you are not going to be disappointed. By the way, the guys are looking for shows (please someone, bring them to the UK as soon as possible) and for a label. In the meantime, The Flesh is already working on their next material, which I can’t wait for as I think this band has serious potential. Until then I am going to listen to ‘Dweller’ on a daily basis…



01. Tot in Den Treure
02. Black Rain
03. Siren’s Call
04. Dweller (In The Dark)
05. Salax
06. Thrones In The Sky
07. A Knife To The Conformist
08. Fire Red Gaze (Bandcamp download-only bonus track)

Line up:

Sven Post – guitars
Jelle Kunst – vocals
Jeroen Vrielink – bass/backing vocals
Tom Nickolson – drums