Sinaya – Maze Of Madness

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SinayaReviewed: July 2018
Released: August 10th, 2018 / Brutal Records
Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Coming soon is the long awaited debut full-length by the all-female Brazilian death metal outfit Sinaya. The band formed in 2013 and quickly released a four track EP that was received very well within their homeland. It garnered them many opening slots with some major players in the metal world. Exodus, Vader, Primal Fear, and Sadistic Intent just to name a few.

I do see that Sinaya are always marketed as an all-female death metal band. I first saw this on a site a few months back and did give a look. It was when I listened to the track on there, I do not remember which one, I was blown away! Not by the fact that they are a female death metal band, but simply by the fact that they are damn good. No one would ever know different if they were just marketed as the next great metal band from Sau Paulo.

What I truly enjoy here with MAZE OF MADNESS is not only the sheer brutality, but the attention to detail in their musicianship. Vocally, sure they are to be dubbed death metal but there is so much more with their music that is intriguing. A sonic blast of not only death metal, but nuances of thrash and doom are intertwined throughout the disc.

This debut is sure to make some waves throughout the metal community. All-female or not, Sinaya is a damn fine newer extreme metal act that has a long career ahead of them. Keep up the good work!



1. Life Against Fate
2. Abyss to Death
3. Always Pain
4. Bath of Memories
5. Crowd in Panic
6. Infernal Sight
7. Deep in the Grave
8. Buried by Terror

Mylena Monaco – Guitar -vocals
Renata Petrelli – Lead guitar
Cynthia Tsai – Drums
Bruna Melo – Bass