Scream For Me Sarajevo (DVD Review)

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SCREAM FOR ME SARAJEVO - Trailer Thumbnail
SCREAM FOR ME SARAJEVO – Trailer Thumbnail

Scream for Me Sarajevo
Director: Hodzik, Tarik
Film: Scream for Me Sarajevo
Screened: May 10th, 2018
Run time:  1 hour, 35 minutes
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Way back in 1994 when grunge dominated the charts and airwaves, then former Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson had something to prove artistically, and was several albums into his solo career when he decided to perform a concert in the middle of a Bosnian war where Sarajevo itself was under attack.

SCREAM FOR ME SARAJEVO documents the aforementioned with actual footage of Bruce Dickinson and his band’s historic performance alongside interviews with the various personnel that made this show happen. A lot of times when an artist performs in a country with a travel advisory they will be personally escorted by bodyguards with machine guns (take Venezuela for example) yet the viewer is informed that Bruce and company went in without a security detail, braved the war and lived to tell the tale.

Also of note is the actual setlist. Keep in mind that in 1994 Bruce was touring behind “Balls To Picasso”  and would release “Skunkworks” two years later in 1996. Yet “Road To Hell” from 1997’s ‘Accident of Birth” was already being performed in 1994 as well as “Omega” and “Darkside of Aquarius”. That had me scratching my head. How long did ol’ Bruce Bruce carry some of those solo era songs around, eh? It would be five long years before Bruce and Iron Maiden buried the hatchet so don’t expect any Iron Maiden songs. This is full on solo material.

SCREAM FOR ME SARAJEVO offers rare insight into how music can offer hope to the hopeless, light in the dark and tells a tale of bravery that many should find inspiring and uplifting. Cheers to you, Bruce Dickinson!