Salem – Attrition

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Reviewed: July, 2018
Released: 2018, Dissonance Productions
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Gabor Csete

Before I got ‘Attrition’ I’d never heard about Salem. I mean, not the one from the United Kingdom. So it was a surprise that ‘Attrition’ is their third album. It was shocking that they formed in 1979. So they were originally considered to be part of the NWOBHM movement.

After listening to the album there’s no wonder why I’ve never heard of them or why they only have 6,000 followers on Facebook, whilst other bands from them same genre and era became sensations, with one of them becoming one of the biggest bands ever. Don’t get me wrong though. Salem is not bad, it’s just average. There’s nothing bad or wrong about this effort or the band, but there’s nothing outstanding either (okay, the cover art is rad, and it as heavy as it should be).

The sound of the album and the whole production are really good, but in 2018 this should be standard. The songs are diverse so ‘Attrition’ is not boring (still, ballads are cringeworthy: they always were and always will be). It is a perfect album to listen to in the background.

Salem’s music makes you want to bang your head and have fun. They could be an amazing support in bigger venues.



1. Attrition
2. Black and White
3. I’m the One
4. Lest We Forget
5. My Only Son
6. Sights of Wonder
7. Stay With Me
8. Taking Control
9. Warning Signs
10. We Are the Gods
11. Isolation

Line up:

Simon Saxby – Vocals
Paul Macnamara – Guitar
Mark Allison – Guitar
Adrian Jenkinson – Bass
Paul Mendham – Drums