Nevertanezra – Bastard of Prometheus

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Reviewed: July, 2018
Released: 2018, Self Released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Resurfacing after a 7 year absence, Utah’s Nevertanezra have made a head turning return to the doom metal world with a new EP, BASTARD OF PROMETHEUS.  2011’s NTNR saw Michael Ventura and crew crafting traditional doom death anthems, but BASTARD OF PROMETHEUS sees Ventura essentially carrying the band forward as a solo vehicle, and the 30+ minute instrumental title track acting as a symbolic journey from birth through death.

Shedding the trappings of the traditional band/song structure, BASTARD OF PROMETHEUS has more in common with the likes of Sunn O))) and WITTR’s left turn with CELESTITE than anything born from the Peaceville Three. Anchored by minimalist droning guitar lines and rounded out with occasional percussive bashes, melodic balance and sweep runs, it’s a deceptively simple formula that belies the amount of sonic melancholy produced across the life of the tune. It’s a surprisingly emotive musical experience, almost like the soundtrack to the most depressing art film you’ve ever seen, but one that you can’t (and don’t want to) divert your attention from.

As the track progresses, things become a bit more sinister, a bit more urgent, though still retaining the consistency of the core themes. Paralleling the innocence of youth through the trepidation of aging, BASTARD finally builds towards a wave of harmonic feedback that eerily resembles a flatlining heart monitor…At the end of the 32 minute journey, you’re not quite sure what you just experienced, but you’re definitely left feeling something.

BASTARD OF PROMETHEUS was recorded and produced over a 5 year period, and is clearly a labor of love for Ventura. Limited to an exclusive run of 50 CDs, BASTARD OF PROMETHEUS should be a collector’s item for the doom metal connoisseur with avante garde tastes. Ventura has hinted that the next Nevertanezra record is already in early stages and may be a more traditional return to form, but in the meantime, BASTARD OF PROMETHEUS proves itself a unique and ultimately satisfying piece of musical art.  Check out the Nevertanezra Facebook page for purchase options.


Track List:
1. Bastard of Prometheus


Michael Ventura – All Instruments


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