Kobra And The Lotus – Prevail II

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Kobra And The Lotus-Prevail II
Label: Napalm Records
Released: 2018
Reviewed: July 2018
Reviewer:  JP
Rating:  4/5

These reviews go ‘live’ on July 1st, Dominion Day (aka Canada Day) so I thought in a brief flash of patriotism I would review a hat-trick of recently released Canadian Metal albums; Gatekeeper (Vancouver) Ivory Knight (Ottawa), Kobra And The Lotus (Calgary). Enjoy all the bands in this mini- feature!

I have a little bit of history with Kobra and The Lotus since they are from my hometown so if you wish you can go read some of my reviews of their previous work here on Metal-Rules.com.    Initially PREVAIL was to be a double album but for whatever reasons their new (at the time) label, Napalm Records suggested they release the parts separately. PREVAIL I came out in May of 2107 and almost a year later we are treated to PREVAIL II. Being on Napalm certainly doesn’t hurt as we get a nice package, cool booklet, pictures, lyrics and even the cover matches the Part I

PREVAIL II is a multi-faceted and dynamic record.    The band is having a huge degree of success with this one already, big tours, a big video hit in Japan and national television coverage in their home nation of Canada.  The production is superb and Kobra’s voice seems to be bullet proof. Her delivery is excellent as always and the lyrics to me are above average.  There is a nice little acoustic instrumental called ‘Ribe’ and the band also record what is one of the more interesting version of ‘The Chain’ I have ever heard.  I have several versions of this song in my collection recorded by various bands (Kick Axe, Seven Witches, Shark Island, Taking Dawn) and this is one of the most interesting and unique interpretations I’ve heard, maybe even the best one!   The melodic Metal band is as solid as any other band of this style but still know their roots!

The only mild criticism is that the album is a bit too mellow. Let’s break down the twelve-song album.   Discarding the brief instrumental, the cover tune and the acoustic rendition of ‘Let Me Love You’ we are left with nine songs only two of which are fast and/or heavy, specifically  ‘I’m Insane’ and ‘ Human Empire’.  We get a couple of ballads and that leaves us with five mid-tempo songs.  Some of the mid-tempo cuts start strong, with great chunky guitar and a bit of double-kick but then they gear right down, put on the brakes and slow down when they should be maintaining that momentum built early in the song.  Lead-off track, ‘Losing My Humanity’ and follow up the aforementioned, ‘Let Me Love You’ are a clear examples of this starts killer and suddenly drops off the map.  I appreciate the dynamic compositions and varying tempos but I’d like to see one or more barn-burner on here or at least maintain the tempo at times.  I know the talented musicians are easily up to the challenge.

Last year Carla (a Metal-Rules guest writer from Denmark) reviewed PREVAIL I and gave it a perfect score.  I’m not fully convinced it was a perfect 100% album but she did conclude her review by saying that Kobra and The Lotus are going to be the next big thing. Well she wasn’t wrong with that observation.  The release of PREVAIL II has just helped cement the band as one of the leading Metal bands on the planet today.  The band knows the power of video, with no less than three singles coming off the album already!   Check them out below!


Track listing:

  1. Losing My Humanity

  2. Let Me Love You

  3. Ribe

  4. My Immortal

  5. Human Empire

  6. Heartache

  7. Velvet Roses

  8. Modern Day Hero

  9. You’re Insane

  10. White Water

  11. The Chain

  12. Let Me Love You (Acoustic)

Line Up:

Kobra Paige-Vocals

Jasio Kulakowski-Guitar

Brad Kennedy-Bass

Marcus Lee-Drums