Ivory Knight – Unity

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Ivory Knight-Unity
Label: Indie
Released: 2018
Reviewed: July 2018
Reviewer:  JP
Rating:  3.5/5

These reviews go ‘live’ on July 1st, Dominion Day (aka Canada Day) so I thought in a brief flash of patriotism I would review a hat-trick of recently released Canadian Metal albums; Gatekeeper (Vancouver), Ivory Knight (Ottawa), Kobra And The Lotus (Calgary). Enjoy all the bands in this mini- feature!

Ivory Knight is by far the most veteran band in this three-pack of Canadian reviews having laid down a demo way back in 1988!   I had the pleasure of reviewing their debut album, UP FROM THE ASHES for this site way back in July 2002.  It has been a while but it is nice to see them still in action.

UNITY is their third album and the quartet of gentlemen must be good friends be cause their the roster hasn’t changed since the last album. The CD is presented in a bit of a budget digipak, which is to be expected as fewer and fewer people commit to and buy physical product anymore.  Accordingly there are no lyrics. I can’t help but feel these guys would have a bit more of an identity if they tried a bit harder in the presentation area. The cover is a picture of… two overpasses?  Two bridges over a river? Is this a Metal album or a presentation to the local municipal planning council for the Ministry of Transportation?  The name Ivory Knight is way cool, (it begs for some kick ass mascot) but the font and logo need work. UNITY is a pretty dull name for an album too. It is an incredibly competitive game and it is the little things that can help make or break a band.

Those minor criticisms aside, there is lots to be happy about with this record. The production is very decent across the nine-song album, which includes a remake of ‘Waiting For Tomorrow’ from their 2005 album, UNCONSCIENCE.  The album starts with a brief intro and then it is charging through the gates with rock solid classic Metal tunes sure to please any fan of traditional US styled Power Metal.   Perinbam’s vocals have good energy and grit as he delivers the Metal with conviction in the middle ranges and occasionally into some higher notes as well. Everything thunders along nicely maybe reminding me a bit of Omen or vicious rumors or other bands of that ilk.  Strong compositions and excellent delivery make this a recommended pick, likely one of the only bands in the Ottawa area doing this kind of classic Metal.   I’d pick the powerful and fast ‘Behind These Eyes’ as a highlight for sure.

UNITY is very decent collection of classic Metal tunes. It is nice to have them back after a 13 year absence!


Track listing:

  1. Intro

  2. Rejected

  3. A Million miles Away

  4. Fight

  5. Reign Of Fear

  6. Behind These Eyes

  7. Conman

  8. A Winters Day

  9. Waiting For Tomorrow 2017


John Devadasan Perinbam-vocals
Rob Gravelle-Guitar
Steve Mercer-Bass
George Nesrallah-Drums


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