The Dead Daisies with support act on Burn It Down World Tour 2018, European leg 1 – at Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Denmark

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The Dead Daisies –
Burn It Down World Tour 2018, European leg 1 –
The New Roses – support act

Pumpehuset, Copenhagen,Denmark
24/4 – 2018

Review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

The Dead Daises’ brand new album BURN IT DOWN was recently released and the band are currently touring Europe to support it. As so often these days, the band max it out by delivering a CD featuring poster, vinyl with poster, gatefold colored vinyl, picture disc vinyl in gatefold sleeve and digital download etc. In other words, this album comes in a thousand shapes and variations. The Australian/American act have gone through a string of changes in the lineup; the latest one came when drummer Brian Tichy left the band to be replaced by well known drummer Deen Castronovo (ex-Bad English, ex-Journey, SoulSirkus, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Vai, etc). He’s also teaming up with fellow DD member Doug Aldrich in the band Revolution Saints together with Jack Blades. All of the members in DD are skilled, well known musicians. As well, bass player Marco Mendoza recently released his solo album VIVA LA ROCK on the Danish label Mighty Music. The previous Dead Daisies album came in 2016 (MAKE SOME NOISE) which was followed by the live release LIVE AND LOUDER in 2017. I had the opportunity to see the band last time they toured Europe and they put on a brilliant show. Since I’m a huge fan of both singer John Corabi as well as Doug Aldrich I was really excited to see the band live again. It’s unfortunate the band seems to constantly change line-ups as members have come and gone heavily through the years.

In the UK the support acts were the Treatments and The Amoretts but over here in Europe The New Roses took over. The Scandinavian leg of the tour kicked off in Gothenburg Sweden before it headed to Norway, back to Sweden and then Denmark. The European leg ended in Spain at the middle of May but the guys have already confirmed they are returning for European festival shows in July.

The venue for the show was Pumpehuset located in downtown Copenhagen and luckily the show was going to be held in the larger hall that holds about 600 people (as opposed to the smaller one that inhabits 400). The New Roses come from Germany and kicked off their career back in 2007. The line up wasn’t complete until 2012 but by then they had toured a lot in both Germany as well as Switzerland. At the end of 2012 came their EP and the year after the debut album WITHOUT A TRACE arrived. The title track of the album was featured in the hit TV-show Sons Of Anarchy. During 2014, some members left the band and in 2015 the guys signed a deal with Napalm Records. Their second album came in 2016 and since then the band have been opening act for Accept, Molly Hatchet and Saxon to name a few well known acts. In August last year the third album ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD was unveiled and it landed on the top 20 album charts in Germany. In addition, the band has previously opened for The Dead Daisies when they toured in Germany, Switzerland and France last year.

The border control between Sweden and Denmark have remained but seem to work a little faster nowadays compared to before when a delay was an everyday occurrence. The doors were going to open at 7 and The New Roses hit the stage at 8 and as always I was outside the venue a bit early. It was no problem to get the photo pass at the entrance, the stairs up to the venue was closed but opened at 7.30 and everyone was let up. The venue is pretty spacious and equipped with some proper lighting gear opposite to the smaller stage where Venom Inc. earlier this year struggled with some really bad lighting. The gear of The New Roses was placed on stage, unfortunately there wasn’t a photo pit and it was going to be a large crowd which meant it was going to be hard to take pictures. At 8 o clock the pause music silenced and it was time to start the night.

The New Roses

“Every Wildheart” opened the show and the crowd gave the band a warm welcome. “Forever Never Comes” followed as singer/guitarist Rough urged the crowd to clap their hands. He said the band comes from Germany and this was their first visit in Denmark, “It’s nice to be here playing for you all. Here comes “Gimme Your Love”, he said. The line-up in the band consists of:

Timmy Rough – lead vocals, guitar
Norman Bites – guitar
Hardy – bass
Urban Berz – drums

The stage was pretty small and didn’t have much space for the guys to move around so it was mainly Rough and Bites that moved around the most. The band had some really great sound and lights going on though. Rough thanked everyone for coming saying it was fun to be performing in Copenhagen. The next song was from the new album in “Dancing on a Razorblade”. The band’s heavy metal inspired rock n’ roll worked really well amongst the people in the venue and it felt like both the audience and band had a good time together. “It’s a Long Way” followed and Rough let the fans take care of parts of the lyrics. The fans also sang along with Rough and he urged them to sing louder and louder. As he took off his jacket he said that the next song, “Devil’s Toys”, was taken from the first album. The song seemed to be appreciated by the fans. Bites threw a longer guitar solo and as the song ended Rough said the new album was out and it was time for the band to play the title track from it in “One More For the Road”. Rough wanted the fans to sing for him but it didn’t go too well. Rough thanked for the support saying the band only had one more song to play in “Thirsty” and after that it was time to thank the crowd and the band walked off the stage. Rough told the fans to check out the new album and thanked the audience for being there.

The 40 minute show was solid and well played, the music was quite good and it was obvious the guys are pretty experienced in a live situation. The band’s rock n’ roll music seemed to appeal too many in the venue, including me.


Set list
Every Wildheart
Forever Never Comes
Gimme Your Love
Dancing On A Razorblade
It’s A Long Way
Devil’s Toys
One More For The Road


As the crew started to prepare the stage for the headline act more people started to arrive, and the temperature started to rise. The anticipation could be sensed in the air and after 20 minutes of pause the place turned dark and it was time for the evening’s main appearance.

The Dead Daisies

The crowd clapped their hands and shouted as soon as they saw the band. The first song out was “Resurrected” and the fans sang along straight away. Corabi moved around the stage connecting with the fans; at times he got so close that you could almost touch him. The audience hardly had time to catch their breath until the next song came which was “Rise Up” which, just like the first one, was taken from the latest album BURN IT DOWN. The Dead Daisies consist of:

David Lowy – guitar
Marco Mendoza – bass
John Corabi – lead vocals
Doug Aldrich – guitar
Deen Castronovo – drums

Just like the opening act The New Roses, The Dead Daisies also had some really great sound and lights going on which made it nice to take pictures of the band. Corabi said he wanted to hear the crowd “Make Some Noise” which woke up everyone and made them scream a little louder. Fans started to make their way closer to the stage so it began to get crowded. The temperature started to rise so the heat was palpable as well. Corabi once again had the audience scream on his command and I couldn’t help be amazed by how tight the band was and how well the members completed each other. It was time for me and the rest of the photographers to get out of the pit, and as we were escorted out the band kicked off the amazing “A Song and a Prayer”. It was a long way back to the wardrobe where we had to put our stuff inside a locker, pay for it, and then head back to the hall. Since it took a pretty long time to get back, the song was over when we returned. I heard “Dead and Gone” when I got back and realized I had missed 1,5 songs from the set list. Now that I was standing at the back of the room I could see that there were quite a lot of people in the crowd singing along with Corabi. He said that the band now was far up in the North where it’s a lot of snow and cold which wasn’t fun at all. “Don’t you Vikings want some sun?”, he asked. “Don’t you want to have some sun and tequila? Well follow us to “Mexico”!”.

All of the members were on fire and it was fun to see the “new comer” Deen Castronovo doing his thing behind the drums. Castronovo and Mendoza completed each other perfectly and the band was a solid unit. However the two that really stood out were Aldrich and Corabi. “What Goes Around” was followed by a guitar solo from Aldrich. As he did his solo, Corabi and Mendoza walked off the stage. The solo led in to the next song “Last Time I Saw the Sun”. “Copenhagen, we wrote the next song “Can’t Take It With You” for everyone that wants to have pretty things. Sure, pretty things are nice but you can’t take anything with you when you die. Make sure to enjoy your life while you live it.”

The next song was taken from the album MAKE SOME NOISE and it was about women Corabi had met that were bad for him, “All the Same”. The song ended abruptly and Corabi said, “Clap your hands for our latest Daisy, Deen Castronovo.” He pounded his bass drum and the fans clapped their hands along with it. He did a shorter drum solo and Corabi said he wanted to see all the fans’ hands in the air. “We have recorded a cover of one of the world’s best songs in “Bitch” by the Rolling Stones, do you know about the song?” Apparently the crowd knew it because they all sang along. It’s become a habit for the band to include a cover song on each album and “Bitch” was the choice this time. The band did a great version of it. Aldrich switched guitar and put on a guitar voice box that he talked through and sounded like a robot.

“With You and I”, Corabi said it was nice to be surrounded by all his friends in Copenhagen tonight. “You are all my friends!”, he shouted out. “I don’t want to call you my fans but my friends; I don’t like the word fans.” He then introduced his friends on stage and a short bit of the song “Rock and Roll All Night” by Kiss was played when he introduced Castronovo. When Lowy was introduced the band played “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC (he is from Australia), “The Boys Are Back In Town” was played when Mendoza was introduced (he was in the Thin Lizzy version of the late ’90s) and he thanked the fans in Danish/Swedish. “Behind me we have the golden god, golden fingers and friend, Doug Aldrich” and “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple was played. Mendoza took the mic and introduced Corabi to the notes of “Heaven and Hell”.

“Mainline” blew up the crowd completely and the fans were ecstatic when they heard it. Since the song is one of my personal favorites I was really glad when I heard it. “Long Way to Go” included a sing along from the crowd and when Corabi asked if the crowd had a good time, everyone screamed “yes” from the top of their lungs. Castronovo kicked off “Midnight Moses” and Corabi urged everyone to sing with him. The song, which is a cover of a Sensational Alex Harvey Band song, urged the fans to clap their hands and Corabi ran up to Castronovo to pound on his drums while Mendoza took the mic saying he wanted to see everyone jumping up and down. After Corabi thanked the crowd for being there, the show ended. However the fans wanted to hear more than 90 minutes of music and shouted for encores. The band came back almost instantly and fired off “Judgement Day” taken from BURN IT DOWN. The temperature was now tropic inside the club but one more song was left the play. The band chose to end the show with the Deep Purple song “Highway Star”. The classic song set the place on fire and the band threw a really good version of it. Before the band left the stage they wanted to take a picture with the crowd and the members lined up at the edge of the stage.

Well, what a brilliant night this was! The band delivered such a solid rock n’ roll show it was ridiculous. The Dead Daises are all skilled musicians and that showed; there was never a dull moment. I have to specially mention Corabi and Aldrich as being the driving forces on stage. Corabi is an amazing frontman / singer and backed up by Aldrich, nothing can go wrong. The rest of the guys are also great musicians but on this night it was the front duo that shined the most. The set list was almost perfect and the 100 minute show almost felt too short. The only negative thing with the show was in fact the set list; I think the guys had jammed in too many covers. Why not rely on their own strong songs? After about 20 minutes the band held a meet and greet and sat down at a table chatting and signing stuff to the long row of fans that waited for them. Everyone in the band was really nice and the event was better planned this time compared to the previous time they were in Copenhagen. All cred to the band for meeting the fans for free and not charging a stupid amount of money only to sign autographs and say “hi”. Instead the first 100 fans that got inside the club got a ticket to the meet and greet after the show and it was free to meet the guys. The band is back in July in Europe to do some shows single and festivals so make sure to see them live if you can.


Set list
Rise Up
Make Some Noise
Song And A Prayer
Dead And Gone
What Goes Around
Guitar solo
Last Time I Saw The Sun
Can’t Take It With You
All The Same
Drum solo
Bitch (Rolling Stones cover)
With You And I
Rock And Roll All Night/Highway To Hell/The Boys Are Back In Town/Smoke On the Water/Heaven And Hell – band intro
Long Way To Go
Midnight Moses (Sensational Alex Harvey Band cover)
Judgment Day
Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)


Thanks to Jenny Walroth at Border Music Sweden for help with press/photo-pass to the show.
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