Jex Thoth – Helsinki Finland

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Kuudes Linja 

May 31, 2018 – Helsinki, Finland

Jex Thoth has carved her name into the hearts  of the occult and progressive rock fans of  the underground. Jex Thoth has managed to maintain such a good following and loyal fanbase. The band has constantly returned to Finland and toured the country quite effectively.  Even though Jex Thoth has played on the Finnish soil a lot, these gigs are always packed. The three gigs throughout Finland didn’t make any exception as it was successful with packed clubs. Both Tampere and Oulu were totally packed. The third gig in a row in Helsinki was totally packed by rock/metal fans, and even obvious hipsters. All of them had arrived to see Jex Thoth’s magical and mystical gig at Kuudes Linja. The band kicked the set off at 9. p.m. The candles had been placed on the stage when the band arrived. When the opening riff roared out Jex herself arrived.

She draw a circle on the floor where she had been placed herself in the centrum. Her performance had elements of the most ultimate passion and dedicating. Her deep breathing and the air gasping told she gave everything out of herself at the stage. She didn’t talk instead her body and performance created the bond between her and the audience. As for the audience, it was totally spellbounded and followed the gig with the enthralled interest and curiosity. The whole set and her ritualistic performance was the pure magic from the beginning to the end. Jex is without any doubts one hell of great performer with the hypnotic moving and gesticulation on the stage. The heavily 70’s influenced rock meets doom metal crowned the whole awesome show. As the club is rather small and the audience got the utter perfect chance to be close to the stage, creating another great vibe and perfect intimate show and connection between the audience and the band. The frontlady truly lived up to her performance by giving 110 % of herself. Getting off the stage walking in the audience with the flaming candle in the hand was some kind of ritualistic experience and a purpose to unit the audience to feel the magic and mystique of the music of Jex Thoth. She occasionally placed the flaming candle nearby her head and hair that would have caught on fire quite easily. The several drops of stearin were flowing in her fingers and to the floor.  There was no mandatory communication and word said between songs.  Any kinds of words would have ruined the magical atmosphere as it turned out be one of kind for sure. The lady truly tied the audience around her fingers.  The set consisted of both the older material and of course the new material from the latest output Blood Moon Rise. Jex Thoth’s band did a great job giving the perfect doomy sounding of the experience. The gig was a worth of every penny and was truly enjoyable.  Absolutely Amazing !



Obsidian Night

The Divide

Into A Sleep

Keep Your Weeds

Raven Nor The Spirit

Poison Pit

Thawin Magus

Invocationp pt. 1

The Damned And The Divine

Son Of Yule

Warrior Woman


Nothing Left To Die