Coven – Tavastia Helsinki Finland

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Coven led by Jinx Dawson was basically the long forgotten name for decades. A few underground followers were aware of the band’s past and above all Coven’s now highly appreciated album called “Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls”  that came out in 1969. However Coven continued more or less (in)activate. Until the 21st century arrived Coven was brought out more and more and especially when so called the occult rock got more hype in the media. Bands like The Devils Blood named Coven as one of their influences, Coven started getting more and more attention from the younger generation. Coven’s leader Jinx Dawson has obviously followed from the side how Coven started getting and having that well-deserved recognizing given by several bands and fans cross the world.

Coven has never ever visited Europe before until 2017, when the legendary occult legends landed on the first gig on the European soil at the mighty Roadburn festival. After the triumphal debut show at Roadburn led the band to have more and more gigs all around Europe.The band recently got in the turbulence of accusations of being a nazi a while ago. Due to the weird accusations, the line-up of Coven underwent changes as it seemed Jinx had revamped the line-up totally by recruiting new members for the band.

A visit to Finland was Coven’s first one ever. However Coven had made a visit to Sweden a year before and now again at Swedenrock and then were finally able to arrive at Finland for the first time ever. The gig on the Sunday night wasn’t that idealistic perfect timing, but however over 200 occult rock fans had crawled to testify the black mass by Coven in Finland.

Before Coven unleashed the ritualistic performance in Tavastia, the domestic four piece group called Blue Eyed Sons had been booked to open up for Coven. The band sounded like the Led Zeppelin on steroids as the influences were so obvious in their music. The singer was truly reckless and moved all around the stage wildly. The band rocked hard and sounded truly splendid. It is obvious there are a lot of great bands below the surface, who are eager and hungry to rock out on gigs. Blue Eyed Sons definitely deserve to have more gigs and visible as their stage performance was great.

Before Coven entered the stage to unleash the black mass, more and more people were arriving in and the floor was quite packed. The atmosphere was truly magic and expecting.  In the wake of the Satanic Mass intro, Coven’s leader, Jinx Dawson, stepped out of the coffin and kneed down to cheer the crowd. The opening song titled “Out Of Luck” kicked the 60 minute set of the pure blackest progressive occult rock. The sounds were a little bit distorted in the beginning as the bass had been mixed to the front a bit too much as the guitar didn’t sound properly. However the sounds got improved better. After all Coven sounded absolutely amazing. As for the set list, it consisted of twelve songs all in all. Most of them were for obvious reason picked up from the debut album. It has to be pointed out “Wicked Woman” sounded a bit groovy with the modern touches. The songs sounded definitely timeless and unique, even though most of them are 50 years old. The current line-up of Coven did a great job. Especially the guitarist’s playing was full of passionate and pure fanaticism as he truly lived up to the music. Jinx Dawson’s voice was pure spell of the magic. Her charisma and appearance is so strong and dominating, she literally tied the audience around her fingers. The audience was totally mesmerized and in trance. The crowd definitely enjoyed every second of the show by following the band’s playing and even dancing Of course eccentric comments were shouted out for example “Change Your God”, to which Jinx replied back “I love that guy”. Those who didn’t attend to witness Coven missed something unique and special. The mother of the modern day occult rock has created the new coven of the young generation who worships Jinx Dawson’s achievements.

Out of Luck
Black Sabbath
Coven in Charing Cross
White Witch of Rose Hall
Wicked Woman
The Crematory
Choke, Thirst, Die
Black Swan
Dignitaries Of Hell
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
Blood on the Snow