Toxic Cross – Toxic Cross

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Toxic Cross – Toxic Cross
Released: June 15th, 2018
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Toxic Cross is a newly formed, pulverizing death metal cross band from Maine, U.S.A. Not quite a state known for punishing brutal metal, Toxic Cross are here to change our perception of that.
Coming together in 2016, their self-title debut EP is a very strong effort that is sure to create waves for not only the band themselves, but for the genre in general as they blend almost equally great amounts of technical death metal with thrash overtones and moments of heavy progressive metal.

The six tracks here are set to destroy your senses with not only a mixture of heavy crunch and grooves, but they also tend to throw a bit of good ole southern sludge as well. With lyrical subject matters in the vein of demonic possession, blasphemy, and mass-genocide, Toxic Cross has developed the perfect recipe for a great band.

None of the tracks ever let up in brutality and do not in any way bore the listener with a style that has been overdone throughout the years. They do carry a sound that is a bit unique and refreshing which is something within the death metal genre that tends to get overlooked from time to time.

Check them out if you dare, it will not be disappointing. Promise!


1. His Sworn Servants
2. Beneath The Catacombs
3. Cryogenocide
4. Misanthropy Realized
5. Born In Rapture
6. Grave Defiled

Ryan Fairfield – Vocals
James Violette – Guitar
Dustin Boudreau – Guitar
Eddie Tardiff – Bass
Coby Violette Drums