Perished – Kark

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Reviewed: June, 2018
Released: 2018, atmf
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Owen Thompson

It is a crying shame when good bands only stay long enough to gift us a couple of albums. Perished are one such band. “Kark” was their incendiary debut and one that deserves revisiting. Contemporaries of the likes of Enslaved, they offered a presentation that was pleasingly rough around the edges, and full of unbridled nastiness.

“Introduksjon” proves to be a decent stage setter with its folky classical guitars and cello effect keyboards leading into ” Imens vi Venter” which is nothing less than a raging torrent of frigid cold. The pace slows, and at this point, the band’s dark passion really shines through. Equally compelling is “Stier til Visdoms Krefter”; nasty yet memorable, this pitiless ditty froths with malice. It meanders at various points, but always maintains its laser-like focus. “Paa Nattens Vintervinger” is very much analogous to its wintry title; every bit as glacial and bitter as you can imagine. Similarly ravenous is the gargantuan “Iskalde Stroemer”, the musical equivalent of being sucked inexorably into a black hole. The naked anger just continues with “… og spjuta fauk “, a masterclass of spite and venom, and “Befri de trolske toner ” – a grandiose and gritty exercise in uniquely Scandinavian dynamics.

The band return to their relentless beating ethos with “Renheten og gjenkomsten “, and is very much the Black Metal archetype, as is the bonus track “A Landscape of Flames”, a cavalcade of bleak, desolate riffing, savage rhythms and blasting drums. If a novice was to ask “What is Black Metal?” this is an excellent example. The glorious mound of decay that is “Kald som aldri før” follows this to great effect. The only sour note is the limp “Gjennom skjærende lys ” which sags in the middle and is a mild disappointment.

It is to be hoped that this proves to be more than just a curio of a good band and a bygone era. Admittedly much time has passed since the original release of this album, but the band could still have the fire of Surtur in their belly and could be persuaded to return. Horns raised and fingers crossed.




  1. Introduksjon
  2. Imens vi venter…
  3. Stier til visdoms krefter
  4. På nattens vintervinger
  5. Iskalde strømmer
  6. …og spjuta fauk
  7. Befri de trolske toner
  8. Renheten og gjenkomsten
  9. A Landscape of Flames
  10. Kald som aldri før
  11. Gjennom skjærende lys

Line Up

Bruthor – Bass
Jehmod – Drums
Ymon – Guitars
Bathyr – Vocals