Overdrivers – Rockin’ Hell

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Reviewed: June 2018
Released: June 2018 – Self Released
Rating: 3.5 – Very Good
Reviewer: Alice Chant

I always check out the website and Facebook page of a band before I review them to get a better understanding of what and who I am listening to, their fan base and it gives you more of an idea of the size of their current following. The useful thing with bands having Facebook page is ‘likes’ say a lot, and I was genuinely surprised that Overdrivers only have 2.5k followers. However, with being such a young band, you wonder if it’s not using social media to their advantage. I think now, maybe with the release of their first album Rockin’ Hell, almost exactly 3 years since their first ever gig, hopefully, it will be a good boost to their fan base and will begin to grow their family.

With an album title like Rockin’ Hell, for me there is no doubt of what we are in store for during the 10 tracks – Australian inspired, Gibson and Marshall fuelled rock and roll, with a French twist – except you have no idea that they are French until you see their website. I don’t even need to type who they are inspired by, because we all know that already, which makes it difficult as a new band not to get tarnished with the same brush and get overlooked. Some may suggest otherwise and go, “Oh, I like that ever so popular Aussie band perhaps I will give this a listen”. Considering this is a first album by a band still in their toddler phase, it’s very strong and feels extremely confident. I wouldn’t guess that it was an unknown band from France. It’s fast paced, with a great beat, overlaid with classic and strong guitars, a thumping bass, all tied together with soaring vocals and it doesn’t let up throughout the whole 40 minutes. I listened to it at my job in a warehouse, lifting and shifting, and it was great for enthusiasm after a long week! However, with this genre comes the ‘samey’ adjective which I can tell Overdrivers have tried very hard to shake. I can’t say I have necessarily found the album ear worm, but it is an enjoyable listen and each time I listen to it, the more I like it, and I am finding myself putting it on again and again.

In my very under-qualified but positive opinion, Overdrivers have every potential to become a recognised name in rock and roll, so long they put in the hard work. Perhaps we will see them on the third stage at a few festivals next year or gracing us in some of our very British pubs. On that note, I wish them the very best on their journey to rock and roll heaven…or hell…whichever suits.


  1. Rockin’ Hell 3:07
  2. Bertha Rottenhold 4:27
  3. She Hides a Big Packet 4:22
  4. Hard Rock Hard Life Hard Night 3:38
  5. Hot Driver 6:20
  6. Dirty Girls Island 3:28
  7. Big Mary 3:33
  8. Rock Your Life 6:13
  9. Girls Gone Wild 3:32
  10. Limbs of Rock ‘N’ Roll 7:21

Band Line-up:

Anthony Clay (Vocals/Guitar)
Adrien Desquirez (Guitar)
Sébastien Lorquet (Bass)
Florian Morgano (Drums)