Neurosis – Las Centurias de la Muerte

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Neurosis – Las Centurias de la Muerte
Released: January 2nd, 2018 / Self-Release
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Not to be mistaken for the Bay Area crusty punk / hardcore act, our Neurosis here hails from Columbia. Formed in 1987 in Bogota, Neurosis have actually achieved somewhat of a legendary status in their home country. With all the awards their home country gives as well as being the oldest metal band in the country.
Over the years, Neurosis has in turn influenced many of the bands from their country. That is a pretty cool feat if you ask me. It is one that you would be able to understand after listening to their brand of music that the band has been churning out on a somewhat regular basis since their inception.

Neurosis plays a brand of metal that takes just the right amount of death metal and infuses it with thrash. They are not just another death/thrash act. They prove here why they have been able to achieve the legendary status they have.

Here we only get their MCD LAS CENTURIAS DE LA MUERTE which Google tells me translates to THE CENTURIES OF DEATH. All sung in their native language, I always encourage that not to deter a listener. It works well even for those of us with a limited language capacity. Their music speaks a thousand words on how great these guys are in not only their countries metal scene, but in the worldwide community.
Like I stated earlier is the fact that their brutal brand of death metal hinges on the technical and melodic style that is offset set with thrash to produce the perfect cup of molten metal. Yes there may only be 3 tracks here on this release, but it is just enough to make one realize that they (you) are going to be searching out some of their earlier releases as well.


1. Las centurias de la muerte
2. El guardian
3. Voces del infierno
Diego Salgado – Vocals
Jorge Mackenzie – Guitars
Gary Otero – Guitars
José Escandón – Bass
Julián Ruiz – Drums