Nekrokraft – Servants

Reviewed: June, 2018
Released: 2018, The Sign Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Andrew Cook


Sweden, home of the buzzsaw guitar, meatballs (a subject of some conflict of late), and of course Nekrokraft! For a change though this one isn’t all about Death Metal, more so about Blackened Thrash, and boy, do these boys know how to thrash the living bejesus out of their respective instruments. They also like using the word Ov, so to keep the mood authentic I shall be using similar lingo, just to keep it authentic.

Well first and foremost, this is the kind ov thing that is either going to be right up your proverbial alley if you dig Blackened Thrash, and I for one surely do. If you are not into this type ov thing, then you will not feel overly inclined to give it more than one spin, as our buddies here at Nekrokraft are certainly not re-writing the rule book by any means, and yet still, I would urge you to give it more than one listen.

Why? Well because this album SHOULD be an example to a lot ov other Blackened Thrash types of how to do this shit properly. Everyone here is at their peak as far as performance goes, and I also like the fact that their names are short so when I have to mention them like I am about to it doesn’t take me a fortnight to remember their names. Yes, some things in life can really make your day.

Our main guy on the vocals, Angst, is very well named as he sounds more or less like a very fucking pissed off Doberman that hasn’t been fed for a month, oh, and also worships the Dark Lord. IroN and DOC on the axe attack swing them like a couple ov very experienced serial killers, and Ghol and Moloch not only sound like they live in a dungeon, they hold the bottom end down with the sort ov foul intent that would make a block ov lead very, very proud. Heavy shit!

Each and every track here has been meticulously crafted to give you the beating of a lifetime. Take the second track “Lechery”, for example. Some ov those riffs would not have been out ov place on the early Exodus classic “Bonded by Blood”, I shit you not, and the guitar tone follows suit. Somehow they have managed to bring a real old skool type of vibe to an album that is definitely modern in almost every other aspect. Nekrokraft have simply brought a feel ov the classic Thrash albums ov old along for the ride.

Maybe I am too old skool myself, but I also get hints ov early Destruction and Kreator in some ov this, or maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but the Thrash aspect of this album is simply unbeatable; again for an example take “Rotten Husk”, and don’t say I didn’t warn you. Killer stuff indeed. As for the Blackened side, well you can pick up the odd nod here and there to a band or two, but I am not a fan of dissecting the Black stuff, as my roots don’t lie in that area, so I will leave that up to the experts.

To put it in a nutshell (no peanut allergies here I hope), this is my kind ov thing, and it should be your kind ov thing as well.



1. Mouth Ov Ahriman
2. Lechery
3. Gateway To Damnation
4. Servants Ov The Black
5. Rotten Husk
6. Brimstone And Flames
7. Eternal, I Am
8. Dance Ov The Nekrolythe
9. Plague


Angst – Vocals
IroN – Guitar
DOC – Guitar
Ghol – Bass
Moloch – Drums



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