Goodwin, Paul – Metal Daze Revisited!

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Author: Goodwin, Paul
Title: Metal Daze Revisited!
Publisher: Independent
Published: 2017
Reviewed: June, 2018
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: JP

The 80’s still holds a fascination for many people, moreso than the 70’s or 90’s, largely because it was a time of such decadence and garish excess.  I’m surprised there are not more books about the 80’s Metal and surprised it took this long for someone to write one.  Paul Goodwin has loving assembled what can be considered a scrapbook of 80’s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, hence the title.  Actually it’s a bit wordy for a book title; METAL DAZE REVISTED VOLUME ONE; THE BIG BOOK OF 80’S METAL: MONTH BY MONTH YEAR BY YEAR. Quite the mouthful!

This independent publication comes in two versions, black and white and colour. I splurged and got the colour version, it is the 80’s after all, but at $45.00 for the colour I might have a hint of buyers remorse.  Goodwin could have added a bit more in terms of execution and presentation.  There is no index, no introduction, no foreword or afterword, no real table of contents, the pages don’t even have numbers!  It’s pretty bare bones.

One of the staples of this book is that Goodwin compiled Rock charts from the US and UK charts.  This is quite a task but there are two major flaws.   First, he didn’t say what the charts were that he used to compile the data.  Billboard? Sounds?  We are never told. Where did all this information come from?

Secondly, he didn’t explain what all the numbers actually mean. I’ve read music charts before but he doesn’t tell us what column means what. For example; ‘weeks on chart’ ‘position last week’ or is it week by week?  There really needed to be an explanation of these charts.  Another major problem is that he included a bunch of generic rock stuff.  I suppose that is OK for context to see where the ‘Metal’ guys appeared in relation to non-Metal stuff.  The charts are a mess and need to be explained or redefined.

The book goes through the decade chronologically with tons of rock notes and interesting bits of information.  Each chapter starts with a brief blurb. He choose to include bit of world news which was a waste of time.  There is lots of unnecessary pop culture, military and political history that took up space.  On the positive side there are tons of cool magazine advertisements, old shots from Circus and Hit Parader.  It was great to go back and look at some of the ad of the era.  The whole book is loaded with trivia and is well laid out and easy to read.  It is a great reference guide, highly visual.  This was a great trip down memory lane for me!   I was disappointed there was very little information about heavy bands, it really is focused on what people call Glam/Hair Metal (etc) these days, with a tiny bit of thrash but virtually nothing on anything even remotely underground.  There was lots of info about Kiss, Twisted Sister, Poison and Motley Crue and all those cool bands that were commercial kings back then.

This is an interesting little collectible, more of an 80’s Hard Rock scrapbook than a true book, but still neat nonetheless.  A cool snapshot and reference guide for the times.


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